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Commentary still has distant memories of playing cowboys when I was little.  You know – running around the yard with your toy guns shouting out “you’re dead, you’re dead!”  I stopped playing cowboys about 49 years ago.  I can’t say the same about GOP Harris County Commissioner Jerry Eversole.  At his trial yesterday a photo was introduced with Eversole and two others at a play-like cowboy camp wearing 1880s cowboy gear.  They look like they are ready to join Butch and Sundance’s Hole-In-The-Wall Gang.  I don’t know about that.  The photo is in today’s hard copy of the Chron.  I can’t find it online. 

The other fella that was indicted with Eversole paid for the play-like cowboy camp trip.  I guess the feds want to throw Eversole in jail for accepting free play-like cowboy camp trips. 

Somebody asked me the other day about the Latino population growth in Harris County.  They asked if we’re growing so much, how come some of the local Latino State House Districts have the smallest populations according to the 2010 Census.  That’s a good question.

Some Latinos are staying but a lot are moving to parts of the county where housing is more affordable and available.  They may be moving to these new subdivisions because the older neighborhoods have infrastructure issues.  There is a perception that the schools in HISD are not as good as those in the Cy-Fair or Humble ISDs so that could be a factor.  Latinos are definitely the fastest growing population group, but we’re just not sticking around the traditional East End or Near Northside neighborhoods.  We’re heading west, southwest, and northwest.

What baseball tradition was started 33 years ago today?

The Chron has a story today about state budget cuts and how they will impact Harris County government. Check it out.

Here’s what Hunker Down has to say in the piece:

In his State of the County address March 4, County Judge Ed Emmett said the county would only see positive changes in the coming years if lawmakers at all levels showed "vision and courage," such as by raising fees or taxes to pay for mental health care if necessary to secure funding.

Emmett, a Republican former state representative, said he expects such actions from the GOP-dominated Legislature at some point.

"They’ll get there," Emmett said. "And if they don’t, then I hope some of them get beat. It’s just that simple. We all have to govern. It’s fine to campaign on what you’re against, but sooner or later you have to govern."

I wonder what Guv Dude thinks about that? 

On March 17, 1978 (St. Patrick’s Day) in Florida at a Spring Training game, the Cincinnati Reds took the field against the Yankees wearing green gear of course.  Today when teams take the field in Florida and Arizona, a lot of them will be wearing the St. Patrick’s Day green.

My pal Bill King has a good take on immigration BS in today’s Chron.
Check it out.

I guess since we’re celebrating the Final Four here in H-Town, I’ll keep the tube tuned to the games.

The ‘Stros won’t be wearing green today in Kissimmee today because they have the day off.


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First let me give a shout out to Brotherly Worthiness for taking one for the team at yesterday’s Day of Outrage Rally at the H-Town City Hall.  An elderly protester from the other side apparently got a bit outrageous with Worthiness.

Speaking of outrage, some members of Congress are a p_____ off about the fact that The President is pulling the National Guard off of border duty because the funding isn’t there.  Many of the outraged members of Congress are the same ones that voted for huge budget cuts a few weeks ago.  Sorry pals!

Sensing a showdown this spring, Guv Dude is making robo calls urging the right wingers to hold the line on spending.  Dude’s trying to hold on to the State House GOPers.  I guess he’s acknowledged that he’s lost the ISDs.

Dude finally acknowledged rainfall yesterday but says this is it.  Stay tuned!

Of the nine ‘Stros that were in the starting line-up on Opening Day against the Giants last season, who is no longer wearing the brick red?

Bonus:  What came first, the Baby Ruth or Babe Ruth?

Every now and then a promotion company will send Commentary a pen, calendar, or key chain with Commentary’s logo on it and want me to order their stuff.  Yesterday I got a pen with my mug on it.  It is from my website and the pen also has The Mayor’s mug on it.  How about that?

Kaz Matsui (2B) is back in Japan, Geoff Blum (1B) is now with the D-Backs, Pedro Feliz (3B) is trying to make the Royals, and Roy O (P) of course is with the Phillies.   Michael Bourn (CF), Hunter Pence (RF), and Carlos Lee (LF) will be in starting line-up on Opening Day on April 1 in Philly.  J.R. Towles (C) and Tommy Manzella (2B) are trying to make the Opening Day roster.  FYI:  Lance Berkman was on IR on Opening Day last season.

Babe Ruth of course was born in 1895 and the Baby Ruth candy bar was introduced in 1922 and they are not related.

‘Stros first baseman Brett Wallace had seven RBIs yesterday and the Red Sox come to town two weeks from today.



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Yesterday, Guv Dude gave the big f___ you to the GOP Chair of the State House Appropriations Committee by refusing to send a staffer to testify on the budget which by the way is the biggest issue this legislative session. That’s probably a first.   Dude continues to demonstrate that he doesn’t give a rat’s arse about anything anyone thinks other than the fella he sees in the mirror every morning. 

The GOP Appropriations Chair is the latest to be put on Dude’s f___ you list joining E-Boards, Hutch, 43, The President, certain reporters, school districts, unidentified sanctuary cities, women, Planned Parenthood, debates, forensic science, the environment, folks in need, the Center with too many Ps, rainy days, and folks that disagree with him.  I’m sure I left off a kazillion others.

The bad news for the City of H-Town is 28 Public Works Department workers were caught stealing – allegedly.  The good news is that’s 28 less employees on an already stretched payroll.

Commentary mentioned the first ever MLB game that was played in H-Town on April 10, 1962 against the Cubbies.  How many future Baseball Hall of Famers were in the Cubbies starting line-up that day and name them?

The Working Man Hero put out this Chron story about yesterday’s teacher rally at the State Capitol.   Check it out.    He also highlighted this quote from the national president of the AFT:  "Texas is smarter than this. This can’t possibly be happening in Texas."   I don’t know about that.  I love my state – the Lone Star State – but a whole lot of dumbarse stuff has been coming out of the State Capitol the past few legislative sessions. 

My pal Robert Miller has this take on how smart Texas is:

It is unclear whether there are currently 90 votes to spend the Rainy Day Fund to balance the FY2011 budget. Republicans, particularly the freshman, want the political cover of having the Governor say it is okay. Democrats strongly believe that the FY 2012/2013 budget is too draconian, and could vote no on HB 275 in protest.

In my judgment, there is no way that the Senate will support a budget that does not at least spend the Rainy Day Fund to close the shortfall in the current biennium. Thus, all eyes will be on the House. If HB 275 does not pass in some form, we will be looking at a long, hot, summer Special Session in Austin.   Check out Robert’s entire take.

On April 10, 1962 at Colt Stadium, three future Baseball Hall of Famers were in the starting line-up for the Cubbies of course – Lou Brock in center field, Billy Williams in left field, and Ernie “Let’s Play Two” Banks at first base of course.  Burkablog reminded me that ‘Stros, err 45’s starting right fielder Roman Mejias had the first MLB dinger in H-Town that day in the bottom of the third inning.  He hit another in the bottom of the eighth.  ‘Stros starting catcher Hal Smith and Ernie Banks also had dingers.

This is the second day of the Final Four festivities here in H-Town and I still don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing.

Bill Hall our new second baseman got into it yesterday with pitcher Cole Hamels of the Phillies.  Of course it was only an exhibition game so it doesn’t matter.  I don’t think we will see a Hall-Hamels face-off on Opening Weekend.  The Phillies will probably go with Doc Halladay, Roy O, and Cliff Lee.

Since Roy O isn’t with us anymore, is he still Roy O or Roy Oswalt? 



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For old school guys like Commentary that go out and pick up the fish wrap every morning, we got to read about the four Texas State House Insurance Committee members that made a tidy sum dealing with the Texas Wind Insurance Association – a state agency they oversee.  Of course, the Chron doesn’t say that the four didn’t do anything wrong other than it looks bad. 
Check out the piece.

Dems can’t pounce on this because two of the four that made a tidy sum are Dems – drats!

You know it is stinky-poo when the GOP Chair of the House Insurance Committee says:

"There is a bit of a public perception problem when you have a quasi-state agency overseen by legislators and some legislators have involvements with it.  At the very least, you need total transparency where the public can go and see what’s going on with their officials and perhaps have some prohibition of where a legislator could make money off of TWIA."

I wonder why they waited so long to put the story online.

H-Town is now officially celebrating the Final Four even though we still haven’t played the First Three Rounds and the Regional Rounds.  CBS and TBS even proclaimed today as National Bracket Day.  In honor of the Final Four in H-Town, the Chron had a story yesterday on the city of Brackettville – where they filmed the movie “The Alamo” with John Wayne and Richard Widmark – huh! So what are we supposed to be celebrating today and where? 

When the ‘Stros take the field in Philly on Friday, April 1, it will mark the 50th season of Major League Baseball for H-Town.  The first game ever played in H-Town was back on April 10, 1962 when the Cubbies visited Colt Stadium.  Who was the first player to step up to the plate that day?

They say these days that kids are not taught geography.  You can also say the same about the Final Four Selection Committee.  In the West Regional, games are being played this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina and Washington, D.C.  In the Southwest Regional, they are playing games in Chicago.  In the Southeast Regional, games are being played in Denver – huh!

Hall of Famer Lou Brock of course, then a Cubbie, was the first MLBer ever to step up to the plate in H-Town and he struck out.

New this season at The Yard is the Astros Press Club which falls under the premium seating category.  It is located where the press used to sit right behind home plate.  It is kind of exclusive with capacity of 188 and your ticket includes gourmet grub and non-alcoholic beverages.  You have to pay for the beer, wine and other signature drinks. The area also has flat screen TVs and a private bar – all for the price of $150 per ticket plus one of those seat licenses.


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Commentary attended last night’s H-Town Redistricting Town Hall Meeting at Pershing Middle School (District C) last night.  About 70 to 75 folks including staff and security showed up. Folks didn’t get to watch the redistricting intro video because the volume knob was broken.  Folks that spoke wanted their subdivisions and management districts put in the same council district.  The Mayor and CMs Clutterbuck, Bradford, and Noriega attended. 

CM Clutterbuck received a lot of love, err praise from most of the speakers and nobody cracked on paperless folks.    Because of spring break next week, the town hall meetings will resume on Monday, March 21 in District G.

When was the last time the ‘Stros won a game on Opening Day?

Bonus:  When was the last time the ‘Stros opened on the road?

Guv Dude’s piehole is not getting the results he’s looking for.  Yesterday his top aides scrambled to ‘splain Dude’s latest position on the Rainy Day Fund.  “He hasn’t drawn a line in the sand” they said.  His “it’s not my fault” take on teacher layoffs is apparently giving a boost to attendance at this weekend’s rally in Austin.  Way to go Dude!

Commentary is predicting that it will only be a matter of days before the term “troll” finds its way into the current political debate here in the Lone Star State or in our nation’s Capitol.

The last time the ‘Stros won on Opening Day was in 2006, of course, in a 1-0 shutout of the Fish at The Yard.

The last time the ‘Stros opened on the road was in 2008 of course in San Diego

The ‘Stros open the season three weeks from today in Philly – yikes!  We won’t have Jason Castro in the line-up and they won’t have Chase Utley.

Commentary snagged a cool invite to the “Grand Slam Unveiling VIP Event” that will be held at The Yard in a couple of weeks.  It is the official unveiling of the new HD Video Board.  We will also get to check out the new ‘Stros Press Club premium seating area.  Grub will be provided by the top chef that is now doing some work over at The Yard – cool.



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The H-Town City Council did the right thing and voted to proclaim that H-Town has a population of 2,100,017 so that makes it official and now we get to have City Council Districts J and K.  Only CM Stardig voted against. 
Here is the front page Chron story on yesterday’s vote.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to those African American and Latino leaders and activists that first challenged the City back in the 1970s and got the settlement.   They are the ones that deserve our praise today.  WAY TO GO!

The City of H-Town Redistricting Town Hall Meetings resume tonight at Pershing Middle School (District C) so be there.  I wonder if any speaker is going to get up and oppose J&K. 

These are corrected 2010 City Council District population numbers.  The set handed out last month had some errors:

H-Town City Council will expand by 2 seats this year so each council district will have about 190,859 in population.  Here is how the current nine council seats look like from a Latino and African American perspective:

District A (Stardig) has 242,611 (125,020 Latinos or 51.5% and 25,904 African Americans or 10.7%).

District B (Johnson) has 209,725 (88,458 or 42.2% and 106,168 or 50.6%).

District C (Clutterbuck) has 233,019 (78,107 or 33.5% and 50,959 or 21.9%).

District D (Adams) has 257,872 (67,686 or 26.2% and 134,250 or 52.1%).

District E (Sullivan) has 257,792 (98,132 or 38.1% and 27,716 or 10.8%).

District F (Hoang) has 225,617 (125,432 or 55.6% and 42,624 or 18.9%).

District G (Pennington) has 261,082 (55,978 or 21.4% and 39,868 or 15.3%).

District H (Gonzalez) has 213,784 (134,542 or 62.9% and 30,560 or 14.3%).

District I (Rodriguez) has 197,949 (146,313 or 73.9% and 27,907 or 14.1%).

Commentary said yesterday that on October 9, 1999, the ‘Stros and the ATL played in the last MLB game ever played in the Astrodome.   Who hit the final Dome dinger that day?

Bonus:  Illinois will soon become the 16th state without the death penalty.  Including Illinois, name the MLB teams located in states without the death penalty.

Also on the Chron front page is this:  Perry: School woes not our fault.  Every major newspaper is running the story today about Guv Dude claiming that the state’s not responsible for layoffs at local school districts across the state.  The response by just about everyone was like the AFLAC duck in the Yogi Berra ad – HUH!   I think Dude is starting to trip over his own swagger.

A bunch of folks showed up at City Hall yesterday to voice their concern about implementing Renew Houston, err Proposition 1, err Rebuild Houston.  I don’t know about that.  That’s why we had an election last year so folks could have their say.  The voters have already decided and folks don’t get mulligans in elections.

Ken Caminiti of course hit a no-out three run dinger off of ATL starter John Smoltz in the bottom of the eighth inning for the last Dome dinger of all time..

The Cubbies and White Sox (Illinois), Red Sox (Massachusetts), Tigers (Michigan), Twins (Minnesota), Mets and Yankees (New York), and Brewers (Wisconsin) of course.  We also have the Nationals in D.C. but D.C. isn’t a state.  Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, and West Virginia don’t have MLB teams.

The following bobbleheads will be handed out at The Yard this season:  Michael Bourn Gold Glove (4/10), Hunter Pence Play Green (4/30), Chris Johnson Pink Bat (5/14), Brownie and J.D. (6/11), and Brett Myers (7/3).



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It took Commentary about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the H-Town Redistricting Town Hall Meeting that was held in Clear Lake last night.  The Mayor was there along with CM Sullivan and around 60 folks including staff and security. 

Just about everyone that spoke doesn’t want Clear Lake and Kingwood in the same district (District E).   They claim they don’t have representation.  Here are some quotes from last night.

“Nobody is listening to us.”

“We deserve representation.”

“Give us a voice.”

“Nobody is from Clear Lake that represents us.”

They claim they don’t have much in common with Kingwood.  They say they are more diverse than Kingwood.

One thing is for sure, nobody cracked on paperless folks last night.

Nobody came out and opposed adding two new council seats.

I guess they do have a point or two if you ask me.

When was the last MLB game played in the Astrodome?  Who played?  Who threw the last pitch?  Who was the last batter?

The H-Town City Council will decide today if we will have two new city council districts.   Based on observing council on this matter, I’m predicting we will get the two.

Yesterday, CM Stardig said we couldn’t afford adding two new seats.

Here is from the City Charter:

If, upon any determination of the population of the City pursuant to this Charter, such population is determined to be 2,100,000 persons or more, then the number of Council Members for the regular terms next commencing and continuing thereafter shall increase from fourteen to sixteen. 

It doesn’t say if we have the money.

H-Town City Controller Ron Green has an Op-Ed in today’s supporting the two new council districts.   Check it out.

I’m not going to say anything about the feds claiming Harris County Commissioner Jerry Eversole wanted to “live the good life.”  Hey, who doesn’t want to live the good life? 

On October 9, 1999, the ‘Stros lost to The ATL by a score of 7-5 of course, in Game 4 of the NLDS.    With the ATL’s John Rocker (yikes) on the mound, the late Ken Caminiti hit a fly ball out to centerfield for the final out of course.  That was the last time MLB was played in the Astrodome.

Did I mention that three weeks from this evening the Red Sox visit The Yard for our final preseason game of the year! 



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First of all, let me say that Commentary, before Commentary, back in 1996 was hired by the Kingwood folks to help them stay out of the grasp of the City of H-Town.  They didn’t want to become City of H-Town voters and I didn’t want them to vote in H-Town elections.  I don’t regret trying to help them out back then.

Last night I made it up to Kingwood to attend the City of H-Town’s Redistricting Town Hall Meeting.  The Mayor was there along with CMs Sullivan and Bradford.   About 60 to 70 folks (including staff and security) showed up but only a handful got up to speak in what turned out to be more of a conversation than a hearing or meeting.  It is apparent that some folks still haven’t gotten over being annexed.

Here is what I heard last night.  Most folks clearly do not understand the concept of the Voting Rights Act.  Some folks don’t want to be in a district that includes Clear Lake – good luck on that one.  None of the folks support adding two council district seats.  Some folks don’t want paperless folks included in redistricting or the census.   They clearly made it sound like proceeding with redistricting under current city, state, and federal law and adding two council seats per the actions of H-Town voters back in 1979 was somewhat un-American – yikes!

It would have been nice to see some Dems or allies from the Kingwood area attend last night’s meeting – oh well.

Commentary thought about getting up to speak and trying to clarify stuff but I figured these folks weren’t interested in reasoning and I probably would have made the meeting last a couple of hours longer.

I wonder what those Kingwood folks think about the Chron E-Board today coming out in support of two new seats.  Here is a piece of the editorial:

More than three decades ago, the city of Houston, the U.S. Justice Department and minority litigants struck a deal to reshape City Council to add district representatives. Before then, the entire body was elected citywide.

The settlement provided for nine members elected by district and five at large, which along with the mayor created a 15-member council. It also mandated a further expansion of council by two districts when the city’s population reached 2.1 million. In a subsequent referendum, voters incorporated the agreement into the city charter.
Here is the entire piece.

Way to go Chron!

There is Council Redistricting meeting this morning at City Hall and another Town Hall Meeting tonight in Clear Lake so be there.

This 1978 AL MVP winner’s numero 14 was retired on July 28, 2009.  Who am I talking about?

This is also in today’s Chron:

Gayle Fallon, the president of the Houston Federation of Teachers, had harsh words for HISD board members, saying they should back Grier’s idea to raise the property tax rate as a way to reduce cuts.

"My problem is not with Terry Grier," said Fallon, who has been critical of the superintendent in the past. "It’s with this gutless board that would rather destroy the education in this system than raise taxes and risk making someone angry."  Check out the entire article.

I wonder if she will ID the “gutless” trustees. 

On Commentary’s website, you can scroll down and check out the separated-at-birth photos of ‘Stros pitcher Brett Myers and Fagin from “Oliver. 
Check it out.

MLB Hall of Famer Jim Rice of course had his numero 14 retired by the Red Sox a couple of years ago.  Jim Rice is celebrating his 58th BD today.

You can also go check out photos of the new scoreboard here.
Pretty cool if you ask me and that’s all I have from The Yard.


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Harris County Judge Ed Emmett wants to turn the Astrodome into some sort of domed pavilion where festivals would be held. 
Check out the Chron story from this past weekend.

Here is a part of the article:

Houston’s major festivals could be held at the Dome, he (Judge Emmett) said, rather than in a less-than-ideal spot around downtown’s City Hall, where property is hard to secure at night.

"I think people would flock to it," Emmett said. "Is that a revenue generator, enough to pay for the Dome? No. It would have to be a decision that the community said, ‘You know what? We want this to be part of our community.’"

I don’t know about that.  I don’t think folks would flock to it. 

Right now we don’t have the money to repair it and we don’t have money to tear it down.  So it is just going to sit there.

Who holds the ‘Stros record for pitching the most consecutive shutouts?

Harris County Commissioner Jerry Eversole goes on trial today in federal district court.  Check out the Chron story today.  Things are certainly going to be interesting when the feds start presenting their case.  I’m staying tuned for sure.

The City of H-Town Redistricting Town Hall Meetings resume this evening up in Kingwood so be there!  BTW:  I should have said Edward Ybarra last Friday.

Commentary spent some time this past weekend at The Yard checking out the College Classic.  The new HD scoreboard was up and it is huge and very high definition. 

On Friday night, Pam-In-Charge took a foul ball to the shoulder – ouch – up in her press box level hangout.

J.R, Richard of course threw three consecutive shutouts (against the Giants, Giants, and Cubs) back in 1980.  J.R. is celebrating his 61st BD today!

Jason Castro won’t be our Opening Day catcher this season.  Heck he may not even get to catch this season.  The Yankees visited Kissimmee yesterday but the big news was Cameron Diaz sitting on the front row rooting for A-Roid who also hit a dinger.


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Commentary attended last night’s City of H-Town Redistricting Town Hall Meeting at the Museum of Fine Arts.  About 125 to 150 folks showed up.  The Mayor conducted the meeting.   CMs in attendance included Adams, Jones, Bradford, and Rodriguez.  A video was shown that attempted to describe the redistricting process.  Folks then got to give their takes.

Some folks wanted their super neighborhoods in certain districts.  Some folks wanted their super neighborhoods combined with other super neighborhoods.  Some folks from Montrose wanted to be whole and combined with either the Heights or Midtown.  Some Midtown folks wanted to be combined and also wanted out of District I. 

Asian Americans were there and asked not to be fragmented.  Mary Almendarez, Edward Ibarra, and an immigrant community activist started to make the case for more Latino majority council districts.   A woman got up and asked The Mayor to recuse herself from leading the process – interesting.

That is a position taken by CM Bradford.  He thinks that The Mayor has too much on her plate like running the City.  Bradford also believes The Mayor should have let a CM run the redistricting committee.

CM Bradford makes some good points.   In today’s Chron, the lead story is about City fixing to lay-off 2,300 folks – ouch!   The City is fixing to implement Rebuild Houston.  Does The Mayor really have the time to head up the redistricting effort and process the requests of super neighborhoods, neighborhood activists, partisans, minority groups, and members of city council?

At last night’s meeting, Commentary spoke about watching Wednesday’s council meeting and concluding that council members seemed uninformed about the history involved in the adding of two council districts.  The administration let me know that they have provided council with plenty of redistricting info and kind of implied that council just hasn’t taken the time to digest the info.  I came away with the impression that there needs to be better communication between The Mayor and council on redistricting.  If there isn’t better communications, we’re going to see more of what we saw this past Wednesday and after all, city council will ultimately vote on a redistricting plan. 

It is clear The Mayor and not council is driving the process to redistrict the city council.  If it gets to the point where members of city council feel left out of the process or feel decisions or plans are being hatched without their input, The Mayor could very well lose control.

By the way, on August 11, 1979, voters in H-Town approved the so-called “settlement” that calls for the current five at-large seats, and nine districts seats, plus two more district seats when the day came when H-Town reached 2.1 mil folks.

To be continued. 

What former Dodger first baseman hit the first dinger for the brand new Mets franchise in 1962?

Guv Dude is celebrating his 61st BD today.   

My pal Robert Miller has a good state redistricting take today so  check it out here.

Here’s a bit from Robert:

The real question is can the House pass a redistricting plan. In my judgment, the House has a far greater challenge than the Senate. There are currently 101 House Republicans. I believe that you can only draw 86 to 88 Republican seats if you want those seats to remain Republican for 10 years. If you draw too many Republican seats, the Republican majorities will be too thin and the Democrats will flip the seats in succeeding elections given the changing demographics in the state.
Let’s say I am right and you can only draw 86 – 88 Republican seats. That means the Democrats will pick up 13 – 15 seats in the 2012 election; and you could have to pair up to 26 to 30 Republican members. Pairings will probably be less because of retirements: e.g. Rep. Warren Chisum has already indicated that he is running for the Railroad Commission.
It will be very difficult for the House Republican majority to pass a map for two reasons. One, they will have to pair numerous Republicans. Secondly, they will have to go back to their primary voters and say we had a 101 seats, and I just voted for a map that will give us 86 to 88.
Finally, we have history as a guide. In 1971, 1981, 1991, and 2001, a legislative plan did not pass in regular session and the LRB drew the seats. The odds are that it will end up at the LRB again this year.

Nice job Robert.

Gil Hodges of course hit the first Mets dinger in the Mets first game ever at Old Busch Stadium in San Luis in an 11-3 loss on April 11, 1962.  Hodges had 370 career dingers – 361 of them wearing the Dodger Blue.

If I get the time, I might drop by the College Classic today at The Yard.

The ‘Stros won yesterday and catcher Jason Castro will undergo knee surgery – BUMMER!



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