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Commentary still has distant memories of playing cowboys when I was little.  You know – running around the yard with your toy guns shouting out “you’re dead, you’re dead!”  I stopped playing cowboys about 49 years ago.  I can’t say the same about GOP Harris County Commissioner Jerry Eversole.  At his trial yesterday a photo was introduced with Eversole and two others at a play-like cowboy camp wearing 1880s cowboy gear.  They look like they are ready to join Butch and Sundance’s Hole-In-The-Wall Gang.  I don’t know about that.  The photo is in today’s hard copy of the Chron.  I can’t find it online. 

The other fella that was indicted with Eversole paid for the play-like cowboy camp trip.  I guess the feds want to throw Eversole in jail for accepting free play-like cowboy camp trips. 

Somebody asked me the other day about the Latino population growth in Harris County.  They asked if we’re growing so much, how come some of the local Latino State House Districts have the smallest populations according to the 2010 Census.  That’s a good question.

Some Latinos are staying but a lot are moving to parts of the county where housing is more affordable and available.  They may be moving to these new subdivisions because the older neighborhoods have infrastructure issues.  There is a perception that the schools in HISD are not as good as those in the Cy-Fair or Humble ISDs so that could be a factor.  Latinos are definitely the fastest growing population group, but we’re just not sticking around the traditional East End or Near Northside neighborhoods.  We’re heading west, southwest, and northwest.

What baseball tradition was started 33 years ago today?

The Chron has a story today about state budget cuts and how they will impact Harris County government. Check it out.

Here’s what Hunker Down has to say in the piece:

In his State of the County address March 4, County Judge Ed Emmett said the county would only see positive changes in the coming years if lawmakers at all levels showed "vision and courage," such as by raising fees or taxes to pay for mental health care if necessary to secure funding.

Emmett, a Republican former state representative, said he expects such actions from the GOP-dominated Legislature at some point.

"They’ll get there," Emmett said. "And if they don’t, then I hope some of them get beat. It’s just that simple. We all have to govern. It’s fine to campaign on what you’re against, but sooner or later you have to govern."

I wonder what Guv Dude thinks about that? 

On March 17, 1978 (St. Patrick’s Day) in Florida at a Spring Training game, the Cincinnati Reds took the field against the Yankees wearing green gear of course.  Today when teams take the field in Florida and Arizona, a lot of them will be wearing the St. Patrick’s Day green.

My pal Bill King has a good take on immigration BS in today’s Chron.
Check it out.

I guess since we’re celebrating the Final Four here in H-Town, I’ll keep the tube tuned to the games.

The ‘Stros won’t be wearing green today in Kissimmee today because they have the day off.


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