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First let me give a shout out to Brotherly Worthiness for taking one for the team at yesterday’s Day of Outrage Rally at the H-Town City Hall.  An elderly protester from the other side apparently got a bit outrageous with Worthiness.

Speaking of outrage, some members of Congress are a p_____ off about the fact that The President is pulling the National Guard off of border duty because the funding isn’t there.  Many of the outraged members of Congress are the same ones that voted for huge budget cuts a few weeks ago.  Sorry pals!

Sensing a showdown this spring, Guv Dude is making robo calls urging the right wingers to hold the line on spending.  Dude’s trying to hold on to the State House GOPers.  I guess he’s acknowledged that he’s lost the ISDs.

Dude finally acknowledged rainfall yesterday but says this is it.  Stay tuned!

Of the nine ‘Stros that were in the starting line-up on Opening Day against the Giants last season, who is no longer wearing the brick red?

Bonus:  What came first, the Baby Ruth or Babe Ruth?

Every now and then a promotion company will send Commentary a pen, calendar, or key chain with Commentary’s logo on it and want me to order their stuff.  Yesterday I got a pen with my mug on it.  It is from my website and the pen also has The Mayor’s mug on it.  How about that?

Kaz Matsui (2B) is back in Japan, Geoff Blum (1B) is now with the D-Backs, Pedro Feliz (3B) is trying to make the Royals, and Roy O (P) of course is with the Phillies.   Michael Bourn (CF), Hunter Pence (RF), and Carlos Lee (LF) will be in starting line-up on Opening Day on April 1 in Philly.  J.R. Towles (C) and Tommy Manzella (2B) are trying to make the Opening Day roster.  FYI:  Lance Berkman was on IR on Opening Day last season.

Babe Ruth of course was born in 1895 and the Baby Ruth candy bar was introduced in 1922 and they are not related.

‘Stros first baseman Brett Wallace had seven RBIs yesterday and the Red Sox come to town two weeks from today.



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