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Yesterday, Guv Dude gave the big f___ you to the GOP Chair of the State House Appropriations Committee by refusing to send a staffer to testify on the budget which by the way is the biggest issue this legislative session. That’s probably a first.   Dude continues to demonstrate that he doesn’t give a rat’s arse about anything anyone thinks other than the fella he sees in the mirror every morning. 

The GOP Appropriations Chair is the latest to be put on Dude’s f___ you list joining E-Boards, Hutch, 43, The President, certain reporters, school districts, unidentified sanctuary cities, women, Planned Parenthood, debates, forensic science, the environment, folks in need, the Center with too many Ps, rainy days, and folks that disagree with him.  I’m sure I left off a kazillion others.

The bad news for the City of H-Town is 28 Public Works Department workers were caught stealing – allegedly.  The good news is that’s 28 less employees on an already stretched payroll.

Commentary mentioned the first ever MLB game that was played in H-Town on April 10, 1962 against the Cubbies.  How many future Baseball Hall of Famers were in the Cubbies starting line-up that day and name them?

The Working Man Hero put out this Chron story about yesterday’s teacher rally at the State Capitol.   Check it out.    He also highlighted this quote from the national president of the AFT:  "Texas is smarter than this. This can’t possibly be happening in Texas."   I don’t know about that.  I love my state – the Lone Star State – but a whole lot of dumbarse stuff has been coming out of the State Capitol the past few legislative sessions. 

My pal Robert Miller has this take on how smart Texas is:

It is unclear whether there are currently 90 votes to spend the Rainy Day Fund to balance the FY2011 budget. Republicans, particularly the freshman, want the political cover of having the Governor say it is okay. Democrats strongly believe that the FY 2012/2013 budget is too draconian, and could vote no on HB 275 in protest.

In my judgment, there is no way that the Senate will support a budget that does not at least spend the Rainy Day Fund to close the shortfall in the current biennium. Thus, all eyes will be on the House. If HB 275 does not pass in some form, we will be looking at a long, hot, summer Special Session in Austin.   Check out Robert’s entire take.

On April 10, 1962 at Colt Stadium, three future Baseball Hall of Famers were in the starting line-up for the Cubbies of course – Lou Brock in center field, Billy Williams in left field, and Ernie “Let’s Play Two” Banks at first base of course.  Burkablog reminded me that ‘Stros, err 45’s starting right fielder Roman Mejias had the first MLB dinger in H-Town that day in the bottom of the third inning.  He hit another in the bottom of the eighth.  ‘Stros starting catcher Hal Smith and Ernie Banks also had dingers.

This is the second day of the Final Four festivities here in H-Town and I still don’t know what I’m supposed to be doing.

Bill Hall our new second baseman got into it yesterday with pitcher Cole Hamels of the Phillies.  Of course it was only an exhibition game so it doesn’t matter.  I don’t think we will see a Hall-Hamels face-off on Opening Weekend.  The Phillies will probably go with Doc Halladay, Roy O, and Cliff Lee.

Since Roy O isn’t with us anymore, is he still Roy O or Roy Oswalt? 



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