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For old school guys like Commentary that go out and pick up the fish wrap every morning, we got to read about the four Texas State House Insurance Committee members that made a tidy sum dealing with the Texas Wind Insurance Association – a state agency they oversee.  Of course, the Chron doesn’t say that the four didn’t do anything wrong other than it looks bad. 
Check out the piece.

Dems can’t pounce on this because two of the four that made a tidy sum are Dems – drats!

You know it is stinky-poo when the GOP Chair of the House Insurance Committee says:

"There is a bit of a public perception problem when you have a quasi-state agency overseen by legislators and some legislators have involvements with it.  At the very least, you need total transparency where the public can go and see what’s going on with their officials and perhaps have some prohibition of where a legislator could make money off of TWIA."

I wonder why they waited so long to put the story online.

H-Town is now officially celebrating the Final Four even though we still haven’t played the First Three Rounds and the Regional Rounds.  CBS and TBS even proclaimed today as National Bracket Day.  In honor of the Final Four in H-Town, the Chron had a story yesterday on the city of Brackettville – where they filmed the movie “The Alamo” with John Wayne and Richard Widmark – huh! So what are we supposed to be celebrating today and where? 

When the ‘Stros take the field in Philly on Friday, April 1, it will mark the 50th season of Major League Baseball for H-Town.  The first game ever played in H-Town was back on April 10, 1962 when the Cubbies visited Colt Stadium.  Who was the first player to step up to the plate that day?

They say these days that kids are not taught geography.  You can also say the same about the Final Four Selection Committee.  In the West Regional, games are being played this weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina and Washington, D.C.  In the Southwest Regional, they are playing games in Chicago.  In the Southeast Regional, games are being played in Denver – huh!

Hall of Famer Lou Brock of course, then a Cubbie, was the first MLBer ever to step up to the plate in H-Town and he struck out.

New this season at The Yard is the Astros Press Club which falls under the premium seating category.  It is located where the press used to sit right behind home plate.  It is kind of exclusive with capacity of 188 and your ticket includes gourmet grub and non-alcoholic beverages.  You have to pay for the beer, wine and other signature drinks. The area also has flat screen TVs and a private bar – all for the price of $150 per ticket plus one of those seat licenses.


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