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Commentary attended last night’s H-Town Redistricting Town Hall Meeting at Pershing Middle School (District C) last night.  About 70 to 75 folks including staff and security showed up. Folks didn’t get to watch the redistricting intro video because the volume knob was broken.  Folks that spoke wanted their subdivisions and management districts put in the same council district.  The Mayor and CMs Clutterbuck, Bradford, and Noriega attended. 

CM Clutterbuck received a lot of love, err praise from most of the speakers and nobody cracked on paperless folks.    Because of spring break next week, the town hall meetings will resume on Monday, March 21 in District G.

When was the last time the ‘Stros won a game on Opening Day?

Bonus:  When was the last time the ‘Stros opened on the road?

Guv Dude’s piehole is not getting the results he’s looking for.  Yesterday his top aides scrambled to ‘splain Dude’s latest position on the Rainy Day Fund.  “He hasn’t drawn a line in the sand” they said.  His “it’s not my fault” take on teacher layoffs is apparently giving a boost to attendance at this weekend’s rally in Austin.  Way to go Dude!

Commentary is predicting that it will only be a matter of days before the term “troll” finds its way into the current political debate here in the Lone Star State or in our nation’s Capitol.

The last time the ‘Stros won on Opening Day was in 2006, of course, in a 1-0 shutout of the Fish at The Yard.

The last time the ‘Stros opened on the road was in 2008 of course in San Diego

The ‘Stros open the season three weeks from today in Philly – yikes!  We won’t have Jason Castro in the line-up and they won’t have Chase Utley.

Commentary snagged a cool invite to the “Grand Slam Unveiling VIP Event” that will be held at The Yard in a couple of weeks.  It is the official unveiling of the new HD Video Board.  We will also get to check out the new ‘Stros Press Club premium seating area.  Grub will be provided by the top chef that is now doing some work over at The Yard – cool.



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