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The H-Town City Council did the right thing and voted to proclaim that H-Town has a population of 2,100,017 so that makes it official and now we get to have City Council Districts J and K.  Only CM Stardig voted against. 
Here is the front page Chron story on yesterday’s vote.

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to those African American and Latino leaders and activists that first challenged the City back in the 1970s and got the settlement.   They are the ones that deserve our praise today.  WAY TO GO!

The City of H-Town Redistricting Town Hall Meetings resume tonight at Pershing Middle School (District C) so be there.  I wonder if any speaker is going to get up and oppose J&K. 

These are corrected 2010 City Council District population numbers.  The set handed out last month had some errors:

H-Town City Council will expand by 2 seats this year so each council district will have about 190,859 in population.  Here is how the current nine council seats look like from a Latino and African American perspective:

District A (Stardig) has 242,611 (125,020 Latinos or 51.5% and 25,904 African Americans or 10.7%).

District B (Johnson) has 209,725 (88,458 or 42.2% and 106,168 or 50.6%).

District C (Clutterbuck) has 233,019 (78,107 or 33.5% and 50,959 or 21.9%).

District D (Adams) has 257,872 (67,686 or 26.2% and 134,250 or 52.1%).

District E (Sullivan) has 257,792 (98,132 or 38.1% and 27,716 or 10.8%).

District F (Hoang) has 225,617 (125,432 or 55.6% and 42,624 or 18.9%).

District G (Pennington) has 261,082 (55,978 or 21.4% and 39,868 or 15.3%).

District H (Gonzalez) has 213,784 (134,542 or 62.9% and 30,560 or 14.3%).

District I (Rodriguez) has 197,949 (146,313 or 73.9% and 27,907 or 14.1%).

Commentary said yesterday that on October 9, 1999, the ‘Stros and the ATL played in the last MLB game ever played in the Astrodome.   Who hit the final Dome dinger that day?

Bonus:  Illinois will soon become the 16th state without the death penalty.  Including Illinois, name the MLB teams located in states without the death penalty.

Also on the Chron front page is this:  Perry: School woes not our fault.  Every major newspaper is running the story today about Guv Dude claiming that the state’s not responsible for layoffs at local school districts across the state.  The response by just about everyone was like the AFLAC duck in the Yogi Berra ad – HUH!   I think Dude is starting to trip over his own swagger.

A bunch of folks showed up at City Hall yesterday to voice their concern about implementing Renew Houston, err Proposition 1, err Rebuild Houston.  I don’t know about that.  That’s why we had an election last year so folks could have their say.  The voters have already decided and folks don’t get mulligans in elections.

Ken Caminiti of course hit a no-out three run dinger off of ATL starter John Smoltz in the bottom of the eighth inning for the last Dome dinger of all time..

The Cubbies and White Sox (Illinois), Red Sox (Massachusetts), Tigers (Michigan), Twins (Minnesota), Mets and Yankees (New York), and Brewers (Wisconsin) of course.  We also have the Nationals in D.C. but D.C. isn’t a state.  Alaska, Hawaii, Iowa, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Vermont, and West Virginia don’t have MLB teams.

The following bobbleheads will be handed out at The Yard this season:  Michael Bourn Gold Glove (4/10), Hunter Pence Play Green (4/30), Chris Johnson Pink Bat (5/14), Brownie and J.D. (6/11), and Brett Myers (7/3).



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