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First of all, let me challenge the Chron’s headline in today’s hard copy:  Members knock Parker proposal to add two seats.

It is not The Mayor’s proposal.  It is honoring a settlement – an agreement – a deal that was made with the City’s minority community back in 1979.

If the City of H-Town wants to break its word with the City’s minority community, I guess they can.   Commentary watched a part of the H-Town City Council meeting yesterday when the redistricting item was brought up.  What I saw was very disturbing and disappointing. 

Some district council members don’t want to increase the number of district council members by two.    Check out today’s Chron on the matter.

Here is what I said yesterday:

Commentary is probably only one of the few that remembers the 1979 “deal” between the City of H-Town, U.S. Department of Justice, and the “plaintiffs” when H-Town finally agreed to a form of single member districts – one Mayor, five at-large council members, and nine council district members.  Plus, when the day came when we reached 2.1 mil folks, then we would add two more council districts.  That was the deal agreed upon.  Now the day is here.

What is ironic is that the pushback is coming from district council members.  If African American and Latino plaintiffs had not sued the city back in the 70s, we still might have an all at-large system and folks like CMs Stardig and Adams and Sullivan wouldn’t even be footnotes today.

CM Adams and Johnson (who Commentary helped out last year) would be wise to find out the history of the lawsuit that was filed against the city back in the 70s.  It would be a valuable lesson.

I remember the fight to get single member districts here in H-Town.  The opposition wasn’t in the mood to get a more diverse city council.  They said then that single member districts would create a “ward” system of politics.  Well we know that didn’t happen.

If the city were to back out of the 1979 settlement agreement, the City would get sued and lose and end up paying a few hundred thousands of dollars in lawyer fees to the winners.

You have to wonder what is motivating those CMs that are opposed to the expansion.

Eighty years ago today, President Herbert Hoover signed into law making “The Star-Spangled Banner” the national anthem.   Who sang the national anthem at The Yard before the March 30, 2000 Inaugural Game versus the Yankees?

The first H-Town Redistricting Town Hall Meeting is tonight at 6:30 pm at the Museum of Fine Arts so be there, please.

Lyle Lovett of course sang the first ever national anthem at The Yard back in 2000.

The ‘Stros won yesterday and catcher Jason Castro dinged up his knee – uh oh!


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