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Commentary is probably only one of the few that remembers the 1979 “deal” between the City of H-Town, U.S. Department of Justice, and the “plaintiffs” when H-Town finally agreed to a form of single member districts – one Mayor, five at-large council members, and nine council district members.  Plus, when the day came when we reached 2.1 mil folks, then we would add two more council districts.  That was the deal agreed upon.  Now the day is here.
Check out today’s Chron.

I don’t know what my pal CM Mike Sullivan and GOP Chair Jared Woodfill are thinking in having the City back off of the deal.  From today’s Chron:

To Sullivan’s thinking, expansion dilutes the power of existing council members who shed turf, constituents and the weight of their individual votes as the council adds members.


"Our concern is that the mayor is looking to add two new seats when the numbers don’t justify it in an effort to give Democrats or Democrat-leaning council members more control and more power," Woodfill said.

Fellas, get over it.  We have a deal. A deal is a deal.  You are pandering for nothing!

Who is the youngest MLB pitcher ever to win a Cy Young Award?

Top notch criminal defense attorney Rusty Hardin told the H-Town City Council yesterday that CM Jolanda Jones was "highly irresponsible."

"I think it’s a horrible, horrible example to set, for any public official to foster distrust with a police as a group," said Hardin.
Check out the Channel 13 story.

From the You Are Not Talking About My Folks Department in today’s SA Express News:

George Rodriguez, the San Antonio Tea Party president and a former Reagan administration official said:  “Most Mexican Americans feel we must do something to stop aliens from entering the country illegally and taking jobs from Americans using false documentation.”

Rodriguez, CM Sullivan, and Chair Jared must be reading from the same talking points.   Check out the article.

DA Pat Lykos has a lot of ‘splaining to do in letting a suspect flee to Africa.  In typical GOP elected official form, she is passing the buck….tsk, tsk, tsk.

State Rep. Carol Alvarado and former H-Town Mayor Lee P. Brown have an Op-Ed in today’s Chron where they want  Guv Dude to show us the sanctuary cities.  Check it out.

Dude also changed his mind and said that Juarez wasn’t a sanctuary city.

Dwight Gooden of course was only 20 when he won the Cy Young Award in 1985 as a Met.  15 years later Gooden started the inaugural game at The Yard for the ‘Stros against the Yankees.

The ‘Stros won yesterday but who cares at this point.


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