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According to the Chron, criminal defense attorney Rusty Hardin to will go before H-Town City Council this afternoon to address H-Town CM Jolanda Jones’ "Know Your Rights With The Police” card.  Now this ought to be interesting and worth watching.

H-Town City Council will expand by 2 seats this year so each council district will have about 190,859 in population.  Here is how the current nine council seats look like from a Latino and African American perspective:

District A (Stardig) has 213,284 (113,545 Latinos or 53.2 and 20,948  African Americans or 9.8%).

District B (Johnson) has 203,494 (84,280 or 41.4% and 103,866 or 51%).

District C (Clutterbuck) has 284,588 (102,156 or 35.9% and 58,711 or 20.6%).

District D (Adams) has 260,249 (65,780 or 25.3% and 137,989 or 53%).

District E (Sullivan) has 237,445 (86,838 or 36.6% and 21,950 or 9.2%).

District F (Hoang) has 180,278 (99,807 or 55.4% and 33,659 or 18.7%).

District G (Pennington) has 274,668 (65,012 or 23.7% and 44,472 or 16.2%).

District H (Gonzalez) has 242,544 (152,265 or 62.8% and 36,616 or 15.1%).

District I (Rodriguez) has 202,901 (149,985 or 73.9% and 28,425 or 14%).

It looks like we currently have four majority Latino population districts and two majority African American districts.

BTW:  The first redistricting hearing for the City of H-Town is this Thursday evening, March 3 at the Museum of Fine Arts on Bissonnet so be there!

Stay tuned!

The last Dodger to have his jersey number retired has a ‘Stros connection.  Who am I talking about?

The piling on continues as Paul Krugman has a piece out today that says “the kids are not all right” in the Lone Star State.  Check it out.  
Take that Guv Dude!

Dodger great Don Sutton of course who also played for the ‘Stros (1981-1982) has his numero 20 retired on August 14, 1998.

I’m not going to comment on Wandy’s performance yesterday or the ‘Stros 13-3 loss.



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