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This is what Guv Dude had to say about 43:  "I’m not a fan of ‘No Child Left Behind.’”

Not even the constituents of Riddle-My-This are fond of her anti paperless folk bills.  That’s why she is exempting domestic help.  Her neighbors must have gotten to her.

This former ‘Stro won five straight Gold Glove Awards from 1972-1976.  Who am I talking about?

Meanwhile there is a poll out that says Texans want tougher immigration policies and another poll that says Latinos are getting fed up with the GOP so go figure.

Cesar Cedeno of course won five straight Gold Glove Awards in the 70s and Cesar is celebrating his 60th BD today!

I’m waiting for Burkablog to give his take on House redistricting for Harris County since the House Redistricting Chair said he was right-on for Dallas County.

You need to go check out the Chron’s Ericka Mellon’s blog of yesterday’s HISD School Board meeting to get the latest on the budget – yikes!

San Luis lost their ace Adam Wainwright for the season so things are now very interesting in the NL Central!


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