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2,257,926 is H-Town’s estimate population for 2009 according to the U.S.  Census Department.

You can find the following on the City Council page of the City of H-Town’s website:

According to the City Charter, once the population of the City of Houston exceeds 2.1 million, expected for the 2010 census, two more geographic council districts will be added.

2,099,451 is the official 2010 census count that was released yesterday for the City of H-Town.

We’re 549 folks short of 2.1 mil and I don’t think they do recounts.

Here is what The Mayor said:

“I am quite surprised by the numbers because all indications were that we had already reached a population of 2.1 million residents.  Because we are so close to that threshold, we are proceeding as planned with redistricting and the addition of two new City Council seats.  As part of this process, we have adopted a timeline and scheduled public meetings in each council district.  In addition, today, I appointed a special mayor’s committee to advise me as we proceed.”

Here is what the H-Town City Attorney put out yesterday:

The Charter provision with the 2.1 million trigger does not limit the information that Council may use to determine that the threshold has been reached. For example, Council may factor in likely population growth since April 2010 when the census was actually taken, the fact that the census did not include limited purpose annexation areas with population, and census errors. With the census only a few hundred shy of the 2.1, there is no question that we have actually reached it.

Here are members of The Mayor’s committee:

The Honorable Zinetta Burney,
Penny Hess Butler
The Honorable Anthony Hall, Chair
The Honorable Roman Martinez
Mace Meeks
The Honorable Gordon Quan
Pat Sanchez
Adolfo Santos
The Honorable Sue Schechter

I know a lot of the folks on the committee and most have good political skills.  My old friend Anthony Hall has been involved in a lot of redistricting fights.  Same goes for my good friend Roman Martinez.  Stay tuned!

What former ‘Stro got a mention during last night’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy”?

In today’s Chron there is piece on going on ahead with adding two council district seats.  My pal CM Sullivan gets a mention toward the end of the piece:

Councilman Mike Sullivan questioned why the council was not informed about whom the mayor appointed to her redistricting committee, and he also disputed the need to add two districts.

"Council governs very well in its existing form," he said. "As the population grows, they are still very well represented at the council table. I don’t know of any ethnic group or interest group that does not have a voice at City Council."

I hope CM Sullivan goes to the City Council page on the City’s website and checks this out:

According to the City Charter, once the population of the City of Houston exceeds 2.1 million, expected for the 2010 census, two more geographic council districts will be added.

‘Stro outfielder Brian Bogusevic is celebrating his 27th BD today!

‘Stro radio announcer Brett Dolan is celebrating his 41st BD today!

Just so you know there are 919,668 Latinos in H-Town or 43.8% of the city.

Just so you also know, there are 1,671,540 Latinos in Harris County or 40.8% of the county.

Jeff Bagwell of course got the mention in last night’s “Grey’s Anatomy” according to Alyson’s Footnotes you can check out:

I was well on my way to falling into a wonderful Ambien-induced slumber when the scene aired, so forgive me if the details are fuzzy. Scene: two guys, both of whom seemed to be fighting over Teddy, got to talking amongst themselves. One of them had briefly pitched in the Major Leagues. Guy 1 to Guy 2: "Did you ever pitch to Jeff Bagwell?" Guy 2 to Guy 1: "Once. It wasn’t pretty."
That would be the second time the Astros have been mentioned on a hit medical drama. Remember back in 1997 when "ER" aired a live episode? The Astros-Cubs game was playing in the background. It happened to be the night the Astros clinched the division, and if I remember correctly, Brad Ausmus’s home run was playing when the cameras panned on the television.
So, even if our guys are sometimes ignored on the national sports landscape, it’s nice to know we’ve got the prime time, hospital-themed drama market cornered.
Alyson’s Footnotes also gives us a preview of the cool stuff that will be given away at The Yard this season:

On Opening Day (April 8), the Astros are giving away 2011 schedule magnets to the first 40,000 fans. Michael Bourn Bobbleheads — celebrating his second consecutive Rawlings Gold Glove Award — will be given away on April 10.
The Astros are hosting two Dog Days this year: April 17, and Sept. 9. Fans can enjoy the game with their canine friends in designated areas of the ballpark and partake in in a pregame "Pooch Parade." (Complete with real-live poopie picker-uppers.)
The Astros will again "Play Green" in 2011 and will celebrate Green Week April. 26-May 1. A reusable grocery tote bag will be given away on April 28, followed by a Play Green Bobblehead featuring Play Green ambassador Hunter Pence (April 30).
In early May, the Astros will celebrate Pink in the Park Week (May 9-15) as the ballclub raises awareness and funds for breast cancer research. A variety of events, including a Ladies Golf Tournament, Brunch and Bazaar, Ladies Night (May 13) and Wine and Cheese Night (May 14) are planned. Giveaways that weekend include a Pink Tote Bag (May 13), and a bobblehead featuring Chris Johnson with a pink bat (May 14), which has become synonymous with the league-wide commitment to women’s health and breast cancer research.
FanFest will take place Opening weekend, April 8-10. We’ll reveal the details as it gets closer, but among the highlights will be current player and alumni autograph sessions, Talkin’ Baseball seminars and silent auctions.



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