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“Now, the mainstream media and big government interest groups are doing their best to convince us that we’re facing a budget Armageddon. Texans don’t believe it and they shouldn’t because it’s not true.”

I have to hand it to Guv Dude for delivering his entire state of the state speech with his head in the sand.  How does he do it? 

I guess “big government interest groups” include public education, higher education, health care services, transportation, prisons, and others. 

Once again Dude let us know that he doesn’t think much of the Capitol News Corps and the state’s newspapers.

After Dude’s address, Commentary’s inbox starting filling up with press release from Dem legislators criticizing Dude’s rosy characterization of the budget mess.

Now let’s see who makes the next move.

From the There’s Something About A-Roid Dept:  A-Roid is pi__ed-off at Fox Sports and at Commentary.  He didn’t approve of 111 million of us watching Princess Fiona feed him popcorn.  He’s also pi__ed-off at Commentary for putting out takes on the incident.  I’ve said it before.  When you go to a televised sporting event you may get your mug put on TV.  Your chances get better if you go out with Shrek’s squeeze. 

In 1954, a sportswriter said, "It would have been a home run in any other park, including Yellowstone."  What was the sportswriter referencing?

The video of the kid getting kicked around by some HPD officers continues to get some run in the local media.   Check out today’s Chron story.  The video still isn’t getting much national exposure though.

MLBer Vic Wertz’ (Indians)  450 foot fly out to Giants center fielder Willie Mays of course, known as “The Catch” because the “Say Hey Kid” snagged it with his back toward home plate at the Polo Grounds during the 1954 World Serious.  Vic Wertz is no longer with us and was born 85 years ago today.

From the Gotcha Moment Department:  The Chron’s columnist has a piece today on CM Jolanda Jones and her visit to District Fire Station 8.  Check it out.   It is interesting to find out that a staffer had a video of a part of the fire station visit that CM Jones didn’t let the public know about.  She says: "I wanted to see if the firefighters would tell the truth under oath without knowing about them."

Well they told the truth but you have to wonder if CM Jones wanted to put a “gotcha” on the fire fighters.

Pitchers and catchers report to Kissimmee a week from today!


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