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I’ll say it once and I’ll say it again, with the exception of Commentary and a few others in the U.S. of A., we ought not to be having a national conversation on flubbing the lines of “the Star Spangled Banner” or the manner in which it is sung because most folks don’t sing it.   If you sing it at The Yard or other venues where it is played, go on ahead and throw in your takes.  If you don’t then shut-up.  Of course, I’m not talking about folks in uniform like those in the military, law enforcement, or public safety that salute the flag or put their hands over their heart.  I’m talking about the 99% of folks at the events or in front of their flat screen that never to bother to even finish up with an old O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?” shout out.

With the exception of Roseanne’s version, you have to give it to folks for putting themselves out there and giving it their all from Carl Lewis (arrrgh) to Whitney Houston (wow) to Jose Feliciano (way to go) to Christina Aguilera (oops).  I remember back at the 1980 Dem National Convention in New York City’s Madison Square Garden, Willie Nelson sang the tune and left out an entire verse.  What was he smoking?

Way to go to the Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg for her column today on Guv Dude’s emergency call on sonograms.   Check it out.   I’m betting Dude never invites Lisa over for lunch.

More local elected officials continue to put out their takes on the video of the kid getting kicked around by HPD officers but it is still not getting much national run. 

Who holds the MLB record for hitting the most sacrifice flies?

Dude gives his state of the state address today so maybe we will get some more emergency calls, a whole lot of swagger for sure, a ton of smirk, a full mooning of D.C., but other than that, not a whole lot of specifics or substance.  I could be wrong though.

Eddie Murray of course holds the all time sacrifice fly record with 128.

We’re in the record books!  111 million of us saw Cameron Diaz feeding A-Roid popcorn – cool!

Spring Training starts in eight days. 


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