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As we enter the fifth week of the legislative session, more and more leaders and organizations representing a number of interests are making their case not to cut funding for their programs.  Yesterday, former First Lady Barbara Bush made a plea in an op-ed in the Chron for public schools.  The jail supervisors’ caucus of the Harris County Sheriff’s department sent out an email over the weekend outlining their concerns if mental health funding is slashed.  The folks concerned over funding for highways, health services, prisons, colleges, universities, community colleges, public schools, and others are all sending out their emails and telling their stories.

I think by the end of this month, we will start hearing calls for raising revenues.

It is Day 28 of the legislative session and Guv Dude still won’t show us the sanctuary cities!

I’m not going to say anything about the ground breaking for the new Dynamo Stadium this past Saturday other than to say it was reported to me that only one elected official got booed by the Dynamo fans.   Hmmm, let me guess!

The best off field camera shot of last night’s Super Bowl telecast was Cameron Diaz feeding A-Roid some popcorn. 

A-Roid was the first player taken by the Seattle Mariners n the 1993 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  Who did the ‘Stros take with the 12th pick in the first round that year?

Ok, since you asked I really wasn’t blown away by any of the Super Bowl ads last night.  The best one had to go to Chrysler with Eminem promoting the Motor City.

The sickest one had to go to Doritos for having the fella with the Doritos crumbs fetish.

The letdown ad went to Snickers with Richard Lewis and Roseanne after last year’s Betty White and Abe Vigoda.

Coke won hands down the border security ad.

The coolest effects ad went to KIA Optima for utilizing aliens, Aztecs, and Neptune – cool.

The sickest ad runner-up went to godaddy.com for photo shopping Joan Rivers’ latest mug on a hot bod – yikes!

One of the cutest ads went to Budweiser for the “Tiny Dancer” in a saloon.

One of the dumbest was the Bud Light product placement ad.

One of the funniest ads was the Pepsi and the girl jogger getting canned so to speak.

Sooner or later you knew it was going to happen and this time the National Anthem line flubber was Christina Aguilera.  Of course, only Commentary and a handful of others that actually sing it caught the mistake when it happened live.  The other 100 million or so that watched the game didn’t catch it until this morning when they saw it on the news or read about it online or in the paper.

Billy Wagner of course was drafted by the ‘’Stros and was the 12th pick overall in 1993.

I wonder who is going to sing the National Anthem at The Yard on Opening Day, Friday, April 8 and Spring Training starts in 9 days.


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