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H-Town’s Quanell X handed over to the rest of the local media that video of HPD’s finest kicking a kid around for evading arrest.  The video aired last night on some of the stations.  The incident took place last year and a judge had ordered the media not to air it – huh!  You can go to various local TV station websites to check it out.   Here’s today’s Chron story.

Once again, I don’t know if more outlets showing the video last night had the impact desired by Quanell X and his crew.    Like I said yesterday, a lot of us were more worried about not freezing our arses off last night.  Most of the local news coverage yesterday continued to be focused on rolling blackouts, school closings, event cancellations, icing of our roadways, and possible snow in the forecast.  Under normal conditions, the national news networks would have been running the video non-stop and the talking heads on CNN, Fox, and MSNBC would be having a field day.  Because of the events in Egypt and the ice and snow storms pounding on most of the nation, the video is not getting any run.

Callous as it may sound, there is just too much on our local and national news table.  Maybe it will get some run next week.

Well at least some members of the Chron E-Board saw the video and
here’s their take.

A-R-R-O-G-A-N-C-E!   Guv Dude is in SoCal while we have rolling blackouts, road closures, school closures, emergency systems in place, businesses are shutting down, and wall-to-wall local news coverage.  Plus the state is also hosting a Super Bowl this weekend.  Come on Dude, you could have cancelled and stuck around.

Who holds the MLB record for most multi-dinger games?

Last night Commentary dropped by the local neighborhood grocery store and you would have thought that folks were preparing for the big one.  Parking spots were scarce and the checkout lines were long.   A lot of folks were loading up on milk, cookies, and ice cream – huh!

Andy Pettitte will announce he’s hanging up his cleats today.

We didn’t get any snow but a whole lot of folks got a “snow day.”

George Herman Ruth, Jr., err “The Sultan of Swat”, err “The Bambino”, err Babe, of course holds the MLB multi-dinger game record with 73. 

Pam-In-Charge ordered a “snow day” for The Yard employees, so there is nothing from The Yard today! 


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