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Former Lieutenant Governor Bill Hobby said it was “idiotic” for the Lone Star State not to accept federal funds for public education in light of the revenue challenges the state faces.   I don’t have a problem with the former Lieutenant Governor calling Guv Dude “idiotic.” 

In an article in today’s Chron, the former Lieutenant Governor thinks the state ought to dip into the rainy day fund, raise taxes on sugar loaded drinks, do away with some sales tax exemptions, and increase taxes on tobacco and alcohol.  I’m OK with everything except raising taxes on St. Arnold.

In the same Chron article, the Texas Association of Business says we should dip into the rainy day fund and put slot machines at racetracks.  Why didn’t they just come out for the full blown casinos?

In the same Chron article, the head of the Greater Houston Partnership says they are taking a “vigorous and active approach” to the budget mess by sitting on the sidelines for now – huh!

Of course, the CEO of the Partnership is an old pal of Dude’s, so don’t expect the Partnership to rattle any cages so to speak on this budget mess.  That’s too bad since the Greater Houston area will probably take the biggest budget hits if Dude gets his way.

Commentary told folks yesterday that Ernie “Mr. Cub” Banks was the first Cubbie to have his number retired.  Five others Cubbies have had their numbers retired since then.  Who are they?

The Yankees are still waiting to see if Andy Pettitte is going to put on the pin stripes this season.

Ron Santo (10), Ryne Sandberg (23), Billy Williams (26), Ferguson Jenkins (31), and Greg Maddux (31) of course are the other five Cubbies that have had their numbers retired.  Jenkins and Maddux both wore the Numero 31.

Go to Alyson’s Footnotes to see how the new scoreboard is looking – cool!


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