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You got to hand it to indicted GOP Harris County Commissioner Jerry Eversole for ignoring his lawyer and asking for and getting a separate and speedy trial.  He’s telling the Feds to bring it on.  He’s ready to go to trial next month.  It is a ballsy move if you ask me.  Check out the Chron story.  The federal courthouse might be the place to hang out at next month.   Once the trial gets started and the evidence gets introduced, it will certainly give The Roundtable writer some good material.  Politically speaking, it is also not too early to start talking about Eversole’s replacement on Commissioners’ Court.  Stay tuned!

Commentary doesn’t have a problem with party switcher State Rep. Errant Pena organizing the Hispanic Republican Conference.  Heck it might even be a good thing if they are able to convince some of their GOP colleagues to cool it on Latino bashing.   Let’s see if they will invite a delegation of DREAMERS to one of their first meetings. 

What happened in baseball 110 years ago today?

From the Shut Up Department, this is what I ran into on Chron.com:

This week, Alfonso Aguilar, Executive Director of the Latino Partnership for Conservative Principles, strongly defended Cornyn. Aguilar said the Republican senator from San Antonio has been a strong leader who has worked tirelessly to fix the “dysfunctional immigration system.”

“To say that Sen. Cornyn has not worked hard to build bipartisan consensus to fix our immigration laws is an outright lie,” Aguilar said. “And to try to say that he’s an anti-immigrant zealot is frankly insulting, not only to the senator but to all of us who know him and have worked with him throughout the years on common-sense immigration reform.”

Shut up!

From the Too Many People Department, today’s Chron front page headline screams:  EDUCATION JOBS IN JEOPARDY.   It is about the proposed state budget cuts.  Keep it up.

I don’t know why folks keep writing about Charlie Sheen.  All he’s doing is turning “Two and a Half Men” into a reality TV program.

On January 28, 1901, the American League (AL) was formally organized as a major league of course and 72 years later the AL brought us the designated hitter.

It is Day 18 of the legislative session and Guv Dude still hasn’t shown me the sanctuary cities!

The Thursday, March 31 exhibition game versus the Red Sox at The Yard has been cancelled – BUMMER!   The cancellation was due to some MLB rule on a TV scheduling conflict with Opening Day that evening – BUMMER!


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