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“Too Many People Pulled And Pushed Around,
Too Many Waiting For That Lucky Break.”

Commentary got emailed from an old pal the other day.  She’s on the board of a health care related non-profit.  They operate a number of community based clinics throughout the state dealing with a particular serious ailment.  She told me that the proposed state budget cuts would result in severe cutbacks in their operations.   They would have to curtail services and might even have to close some of their clinics.  She said they put out a call to their supporters to contact their legislators.  She asked for advice on what other actions or steps they should take.

There are many organizations and non-profits throughout the state with similar stories these days.  I told her that it would be best if they were to send out their story to their email lists, bloggers, E-Boards, news organizations, columnists, and those that are facing major cuts. 

School districts, community colleges, universities, CBOs, health care, county government, public safety, and transportation are among the many that will have to make drastic painful cuts under what has been proposed to date.  All for the most part have extensive networks and influential friends and lobbyists.    They need to all keep telling and sharing their stories, visit the State Capitol, stay on their legislators, and utilize grassroots tactics.

Sooner or later the key budget leaders are going to have to respond to or ignore the stories and voices of the too many people.

“Too Many People Paying Parking Fines,
Too Many Hungry People Losing Weight.”

Hunter Pence and the ‘Stros haven’t agreed on a salary for this season so they are heading for arbitration.  Hunter made his MLB debut in 2007 after being taken in the 2nd Round by the ‘Stros as the 64th pick in the 2004 MLB Amateur Player Draft.  The player taken right after Pence as the 65th pick that year won the 2007 Al Rookie of the Year.  Who am I talking about?

The Chron’s Lisa Falkenberg is back and she has some things to say about Guv Dude’s emergencies.   Check it out.

Here’s Lisa’s best line:  "This is our time, this is our place in history," according to the governor’s (inaugural) speech. "We must seize the moment."  And so we must!  After all, the way we’re headed, it could be our last.

Way to go Lisa!

I’m not going to say much about watching the H-Town City Council meeting this past Tuesday other than to say they had a few weird Sopranoesque moments when a fella came up to speak about a certain member of Council.   Thankfully nobody got to make an offer they couldn’t refuse – yikes!

Dustin Pedroia of course from the Red Sox was drafted right behind Hunter Pence in 2004 as the 65th overall pick in Round 2 and he won the 2007 Al Rookie of the Year Award and the 2008 AL MVP Award.

We get to see Dustin and the Red Sox at The Yard for two exhibition games March 30-31 and for three regular season games July 1-3. 


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