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A few weeks ago MariGirl and I were having a conversation about derogatory terms used against folks of the Latino persuasion.   One of the words I mentioned was “beaner” which I haven’t heard in a long, long time.  Years ago some ‘neck called me a “beaner” while we were playing a flag football game and I responded by flipping him the bird.

The word “beaner” is now part of a City of H-Town investigation over at the Fire Department.  LULAC and other local Latino activists are calling for the feds to conduct an investigation because they don’t think the City is doing a good enough job of investigating the latest racial harassment charge.  After seeing how the City bungled a recent fire department harassment investigation, I don’t blame the local Latino activists for seeking outside help.  
Check out the Chron story.

I sure hope this mess is all sorted out.

CEWDEM let me know yesterday that “Jenifer Rene Pool, former 3 term President of the HGLBT Political Caucus, has been an announced candidate for At Large Position 2 for some time.” Got it!  

Also, I got this yesterday evening:  “Just letting you know that I’m running for city council. 

Respectfully….Eric B. Dick, LL.M.” Got it!

At tonight’s State of the Union Speech, I’ll really be impressed if Kevin Youkilis (Red Sox) and Derek Jeter (Yankees) are sitting together.

45 years ago today, at age 30, this 1957 MLB AL Rookie of the Year retired from the game due to a back injury.  During his 9 year career he played on three World Serious Championship teams and four MLB AL All Star Teams.  Who am I talking about?

Today is Day 15 of the legislative session and Commentary is still waiting for Guv Dude to show us the sanctuary cities!

Yesterday was Day 14 and Dude didn’t make any emergency calls – whew!

“The King’s Speech” racked up a dozen Oscar nominations this morning so I guess I better go check it out soon. 

Yankee great shortstop Tony Kubek of course retired from the game 45 years ago today.

ManRam recently signed with the Rays so we will get to see him when the Rays visit The Yard this June 24-26, a weekend series – cool.


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