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Next week candidates that intend to run in this year’s H-Town elections will start fundraising.  CM Melissa Noriega has already scheduled a fundraiser.  The Mayor, Controller, and eleven members of City Council are all expected to seek reelection and I suspect they will all be aggressive in their fundraising.

The open seats are At-Large, Position 2 (Sue Lovell), District B (Jarvis Johnson), District C (Anne Clutterbuck), District J, and District K.  The only person I hear is running in Pos. 2 is HCC Trustee Michael Williams.  Former State Rep. Ellen Cohen is telling folks she’s running in Dist. C.  I haven’t heard anything yet on Dist. B.  We will have to wait a while to see how Districts J and K look.

Since we’re adding two new districts, we can pretty much say that most of the current council districts will have a decidedly different look.    This factor will probably encourage some folks to challenge some of the incumbents.    That’s why we will see the incumbents gear up early on fundraising.  

Candidates that are mulling a race in the new districts are kind of at a fundraising disadvantage.  They can’t go asking for money if they don’t know where they are running. 

A-R-R-O-G-A-N-T:  Guv Dude continues to toss red meat to his base.  This time the emergency call went to sonograms before an abortion.   Take that!

Sen. John Cornyn went before a GOP Latino group last week and said he was for The DREAM Act and for comprehensive immigration report which prompted this response from America’s Voice in the Chron:

So without further adieu, and in the spirit of Hollywood’s awards season, America’s Voice would like to honor Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) with the prestigious award of "Biggest Hypocrite on Immigration, January 2011."

According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, "It’s truly a dishonor and far from a privilege to present this award to Senator Cornyn. While he continues to talk a good game about the need for common sense immigration reform, every single time it’s mattered, Senator Cornyn has voted the wrong way. It’s incredible that he continues to blame Democrats for the lack of progress on immigration solutions, when Senator Cornyn has consistently opposed reform in Congress."

How many grand salamis have been hit in MLB All Star Games?

The Lite Guv says he wants to put more money into our state highway system and says we might look at raising vehicle registration fees.  Look for his U.S. Senate opponents to go after him for suggesting raising fees.

Go rent “The Social Network” when you get the chance.  It’s a very good flick.

Thanks to the Green Bay Packers, The President won’t be going to JerryWorld in a couple of weeks.

Only 1 grand salami of course has been hit in MLB All Star Game history.  In the bottom of the 3rd inning at old Comiskey Park in Chicago, Fred Lynn of the Angels hit a grand salami off of Atlee Hammaker of the Giants.  Atlee Hammaker is celebrating his 52nd BD today.

It looks like The Yard will have a grub addition of sorts.  Chef Bryan Caswell of “The Next Iron Chef” fame with H-Town eateries Reef, Little Bigs, and Stella Sola will bring his talent to Minute Maid.  From the ‘Stros website:

We’ve always been proud of the outstanding food selection and entertainment we offer our fans at Astros games, and with the addition of Bryan’s talents, the variety and the experience of food choices just got better," (Pam) Gardner said. "We welcome Bryan to Minute Maid Park, and we look forward to his culinary talents and taking the food experience to a new level here at the ballpark. He will provide special and unique creations that our fans surely will enjoy."

Caswell will have a presence throughout Minute Maid Park during the 2011 season. Building on the popularity of Caswell’s Little Bigs burger concept, the ballpark’s main concourse will feature a new Little Bigs concession stand behind Section 111 with the same burgers and chicken sandwiches made popular by the stand’s namesake restaurant.

Instead of the traditional chef’s hat, Caswell usually wears the orange ‘Stros lid when he’s in the kitchen – cool!


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