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I don’t understand the need to put Voter IDs on the fast track but what the heck.   Like The Dean says, we all knew it was coming.  We knew back on November 3 that it would happen.  I guess let’s just get it over with and take our medicine.  Let the GOP go on ahead and make their statement.  Let them throw some red meat over to the rabid right wingers.

Let’s look at the bright side.  Lone Star State Dems now have a year to get our base their voter ID cards.  I’m thinking that we need to invest in those lanyard things where we can stick our stinking voter ID cards so they don’t get lost.

Even though Commentary doesn’t shop at Wal-Mart, I have to hand it The First Lady and Wal-Mart for cutting a deal and getting Wal-Mart to make healthier food more accessible and affordable. 

It is Day 10 of the legislative session and Guv Dude still won’t show me the sanctuary cities!

In the MLB, who holds the record for most games played in a season?

Meanwhile, The President’s poll numbers continue to show a slow improvement as he starts to put his campaign reelection team together and they will be based in Chicago. 

In 1962, LA Dodger shortstop Maury Wills of course played in all 165 games which included 3 playoff games against the Giants to determine the NL Pennant.  Back then, the MLB didn’t have the NLDS or the NLCC so playoff games counted as regular season games – got it?

You can go to the ‘Stros website to check out progress on the new scoreboard and that’s all I have from The Yard!


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