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If you are going to accept the front runner status label for the 2012 GOP U.S. Senate race, you can’t afford to screw up right off of the bat because your opponents will see this as a weakness and your Achilles Heel.  That’s what happened to The Lite Guv yesterday during his speech after taking the oath of office.    The reviews were bad.  He spoke too long.  It was more of a campaign kick-off speech rather than a statesman-like address.  He doesn’t look like he’s running a smart campaign.

He might start thinking about getting some new campaign consultants if you ask me. 

Here is what Chron.com said:

For Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst on this gray, chilly morning, the problem was knowing when to quit……As Dewhurst droned on and on – 2,318 words in all, according to my colleague R.G. Ratcliffe – his listeners standing on the Capitol’s south lawn began to shuffle their feet, talk to their neighbors, check their cell phones. "Everybody standing out here voted for him," Jon Weems of Marble Falls said. "Why doesn’t he get off the stage?"

After Dewhurst pilloried Washington yet again – and again – Weems had his answer: "Oh! He’s beginning his senate campaign today!"

Here is what the Star-Telegram said:

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst droned for 27 minutes about patriotism, freedom, Texas cattle, oil, cotton and his mama.

Here is what Burkablog said:

I thought Governor Dewhurst’s speech was all wrong. It was too long, too partisan, too campaign oriented. He had one foot off the platform on the way to Washington.

Sometimes the things he said made no sense at all. Speaking of the early settlers, he said, “Those men and women who made their way to Texas, who settled these unforgiving plains, who sought neither a handout nor a stimulus check — they simply sought freedom.”

Oh, please. Was Stephen F. Austin oppressed in Missouri? Was Davy Crockett in debtors’ prison in Tennessee? Did Jim Bowie face constant harassment in Arkansas? Nobody came to Texas for freedom. They came for cheap land and the chance to make a better life for themselves. Texas is not about noble ideals. It’s about making money.

The Lite Guv’s opponents are definitely going to seize upon his bumbling start.  The Lite Guv in turn will try to make this up by heading farther right this legislative session.  Maybe he’s not going to be so strong of a candidate after all.

I guess maybe we should have picked up on this last week when he first said he would wait before getting into the race then a few hours later he decided to jump in. 

“TEXAS M0NTHLY” today came out with “25 people who have the most influence in Texas politics.”  Check them out:  Steve Ogden, Jim Pitts, Rick Perry, Jay Kimbrough, Dave Carney, Bill Hammond, Dick Trabulsi, Brooke Rollins, Scott McCown, Dan Patrick, Michael Quinn Sullivan, Tom Suehs, Bob Perry, Steve Mostyn, Al Armendariz, Alonzo Cantu, Bill Powers, Woody Hunt, Charles Butt, Pat Robbins, Mike Toomey, Rusty Kelley, Buddy Jones, Bill Miller, Brint Ryan.

Getting no respect include Latino elected officials, The Dean, African American elected officials, the Texas House Speaker, Women, and Commentary.

I would mention the Lite Guv but his performance yesterday gets him off the list. 

‘Stros Skipper Brad Mills wears the number 2.  Name the MLB Hall of Famer that once wore the number 2 for the ‘Stros?

My Best Friend said yesterday that R. Sargent  Shriver was a “Great American.”  I agree.  He got the Peace Corp, Head Start, and the “War on Poverty” off of the ground.  When he ran for President back in 1976, My Best Friend and I and a few others took a month off and drove up to New Hampshire to help out.  We didn’t win but it was an honor to be a part of his effort. 

It’s Day 8 of the legislative session and Guv Dude still hasn’t shown me the sanctuary cities!

The late Nellie Fox of course wore the number 2 as a player and as a coach from 1964-1967.  By the way, Brad Mills is celebrating his 54th BD today.  Happy Birthday Skipper!


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