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It is Day 7 of the legislative session and Guv Dude still hasn’t named a sanctuary city even though doing away with so-called sanctuary cities is now a legislative emergency.  Maybe Dude will drop a name or two during his inaugural address today – probably not.  Like I said last week, Dude’s sanctuary cities issue is a play to get the far righties off the budget mess scent and on the trail of the growing Latino population.

Jolanda vs Firefighters, Round II:  The latest in H-Town politics these days involves H-Town CM Jolanda Jones and her adventure into Station #8 this past Friday.  Here is how the Chron starts their story today:

The city’s Office of Inspector General will open an investigation into a visit City Councilwoman Jolanda Jones made to a downtown fire station Friday in which she is alleged to have used profanity and criticized the work ethic of firefighters.    Here is the Chron story.

It didn’t help matters that the EEOC issued a spanking of HFD yesterday adding a little more fuel to the fire.  Here is how the Chron started off their front page piece today:

The Houston Fire Department’s failure to properly address discrimination complaints by a female firefighter and subsequent retaliation subjected her to a "hostile work environment" based on her gender, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has determined.

The Jolanda vs Firefighters fight was taken to AM 950 yesterday where the Firefighters’ Union chief took a few shots at Jolanda and the H-Town Mayor – yikes!  CM Mike Sullivan also showed up at AM 950 and threw a few punches.  950 AM Host Michael Berry asked CM Sullivan how CM Jones got reelected and Sullivan answered in a deadpan sort of tone “Fort Bend County” – huh! Sullivan kind of insinuated that the part of Fort Bend County in H-Town is out of the H-Town mainstream or something like that – huh!  I sure hate to inform CM Sullivan that the Fort Bend County H-Town folks pay the same tax rates as CM Sullivan.

The good thing about this flap is there is an OIG investigation and maybe they will get to the bottom of this and put it to bed.  I don’t think the City, the Mayor, or the rest of the City Council should be distracted by this.
Check out the Chron story on this mess.

Heading into Spring Training 2011, name the only ‘Stro on the current roster that played on the 2005 World Serious ‘Stros?

In the entertainment world folks are talking about Ricky Gervais and his barbs at Hollywood during Sunday night’s Golden Globes.   Let’s see.  He took shots at Robert Downey, Jr., Bruce Willis, Tim Allen, Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Charlie Sheen, God, scientology, Cher, Hugh Hefner, and the Sex and the City women.   I don’t think it is a big deal and all of those that took a shot can handle it.  With the exception of our Creator, they all make a ton of money and their careers won’t take a hit.  Nobody ever remembers the Golden Globes anyway so lighten up.

Also from Chron.com on the 2012 U.S. Senate race in the Lone Star State:

Former Comptroller John Sharp is the only Democrat in the contest so far. Former Houston City Councilman Chris Bell said earlier today that he will watch the race and may consider it at a later date.

Meanwhile, Houston attorney Chris Bell, a former congressman and the Democratic candidate for governor in 2006, said he was thinking about running, sort of. "I guess you always think about it," he said. "As soon as she [Kay Bailey Hutchison] made the announcement, my Blackberry started lighting up. I thought she was going to run for another term, so it wasn’t on my radar screen — plus, I’m buried in my law practice."

Bell said his thinking would get "a lot more serious" under two conditions: 1) if he thought there was a chance of going to the U. S. Senate and "helping restore opportunity to the middle class," and 2) if he felt he had a realistic chance of winning.

"The worst-case scenario on the Democratic side," he said, "would be just to punt. . . . There are those who believe Republicans in Texas are fully capable of nominating an unacceptable candidate, and you could have another Delaware."

Both Sharp and Bell know how to run a statewide race.  Sharp is the only one who knows how to win one though.  Of course that was way back in 1994 before we all had the internet.

Ho-hum, 41 endorsed in the 2012 U.S. Senate race here in the Lone Star State.  He endorsed Hutch against Dude last year and nobody gave a rat’s arse.  I suspect his endorsement won’t mean much next year.

Wandy Rodriguez of course is the only ‘Stro from the 2005 World Serious team who is still wearing the brick red today.  Wandy is celebrating his 32nd BD today.  Happy Birthday Wandy!


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