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Leave it to H-Town CM Jolanda Jones to have things stirred up – allegedly!

Here is what the Chron is saying this morning:

In her latest run-in with Houston firefighters, Councilwoman Jolanda Jones drew a flurry of criticism over the weekend after she allegedly used obscene language and suggested that firefighters were lazy during a fire station visit on Friday.    Check out the story.

A number of local TV stations also carried the story this past weekend. 

It is going to be interesting to see if there will be an investigation on this matter so stay tuned!

Guv Dude continues to show his arrogance.  Here is what he said in today’s SA Express News/Chron:

"You couldn’t spend enough to make some of those groups happy.  The ‘Center of too many Ps’ is a great example. They don’t think you can spend enough money."

Dude is talking about The Center for Public Policy Priorities of course.  The Center advocates for those in need. 

Of those of the Top Ten MLB All Time Career Dinger List, how many are African American?

Muhammad Ali is 69 today.  Happy Birthday Champ!

The First Lady is 47 today.   Happy Birthday First Lady!

Commentary checked out the Golden Globes last night.  “Barney’s Version”, “In a Better World”, “Sons of Anarchy”, “The Big C”, “Carlos”, and “Temple Grandin” are winners I had never heard of.  I gotta get out more.

Five out of the Top Ten MLB All Time Career Dinger List of course are African American:  #1 Barry Bonds (762), #2 Hank Aaron (755), #4 Willie Mays (660), #5 Ken Griffey (630), and #9 Frank Robinson (586).

I’m not going to say anything about last year’s “Stros’ top draft pick who spent a couple of hours in jail this past weekend. 


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