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I don’t think anyone was surprised to hear Hutch’s announcement yesterday that she’s not running in 2012.  After last year’s arse whupping by Guv Dude, she was pretty much left as road kill, so much so that the Tea Baggers were already circling whatever was left of her political carcass and picking away.   Now Hutch will spend the next 23 months going around the state and picking up all these meritorious service plaques from local chambers of commerce, Rotary Clubs, Pachyderm Clubs, and trade associations, blah, blah, blah.   I will be real disappointed if any Latino organizations steps up to give her any positive recognition after she screwed over The DREAMERS.

Meanwhile, the race to replace her in the GOP has already begun.  Two things are certain in the GOP race.  There will be a lot of Tea Bagger arse kissing and there will be an abundance of Latino bashing.

Here is a bit from today’s Chron:

"Senators come and go. Leaders never die," said Alberto P. Cardenas Jr., an attorney with Vinson & Elkins and former general counsel to Hutchison. "Since her first day representing Texans in the U.S. Senate, Kay Bailey Hutchison has served, led, delivered, inspired and earned our respect."

I think Beto’s praise is way over the top if you ask me.   I don’t call walking away from The DREAMERS leadership.

Meanwhile, the GOP race for U.S. Senate will certainly have an impact on the current legislative session.  Stay tuned!

Pitcher Jordan Lyles who is a non-roster invitee to the ‘Stros Spring Training Camp next month was a First Round Supplemental Pick in the 2008 MLB Amateur Player Draft taken as the 38th player overall by the ‘Stros.  Name the two players on the current ‘Stros roster that were drafted in Round 1 of the 2008 Draft?

Former State Comptroller John Sharp is the only Dem being mentioned as a candidate for U.S. Senate.  He has between now and March of 2012 to figure out how he will respond to being labeled Obama/Sharp. 

Catcher Jason Castro of course was drafted by the ‘Stros in 2008 as the Number 10 overall pick and First Baseman Brett Wallace of course was drafted by the Cardinals in 2008 as the Number 13 overall pick.  Wallace joined the ‘Stros last summer as part of the Roy O. trade. 

Plenty of ‘Stros players and front office folks will be at tonight’s Houston Baseball Dinner at the Hilton Americasand that’s all I have from The Yard.


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