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Commentary was watching the H-Town City Council Meeting on the tube yesterday as Council was taking the first steps on moving forward on City Council redistricting.  It looks like the professional team the City has signed off on to assist in this endeavor includes a prominent redistricting law firm out of Austin, a noted local redistricting expert, some folks from UH and Rice, and some folks from TSU.  H-Town CM Wanda Adams proclaimed that “everyone was at the table.”  I’d like to know her definition of “everyone.”

The City’s largest population group wasn’t hired on to sit at the table.  That’s too bad since at the 2009 Houston Area Latino Summit Mayoral Debate, Latinos were promised a seat at the table.  It looks like Latinos are being shut out of the process.  The City could have gone to CMAS over at UH to get them to participate or they could have gone to folks over at UH-Downtown and find qualified Latino experts.  I would hate to think that folks over at City Hall are still mad at Latinos over the Port Commission deal.

Well, it looks like the Latino community is just going to have to work harder and be more forceful during the City’s redistricting process.  Stay tuned!
By the way, here is the Chron story on yesterday’s Council meeting.

Commentary watched The President’s speech last night and when the program started, the orchestra struck up the National Anthem.  The President, The First Lady, Astronaut Mark Kelly, and Intern Daniel Hernandez, were all singing to the tune.  Standing right behind them was GOP Arizona Senator John Kyl with his lips sealed.  Hey, maybe he forgot the words.

The Baseball Writers Association of American trotted out their Inaugural Rookie of the Year Award in 1947.  Back then, one award was presented for both leagues.  Who won the inaugural 1947 Rookie of the Year?

Guv Dude was pressed yesterday by reporters to name the Lone Star State’s sanctuary cities.  Dude pulled the old “no comment.”   It’s a phony issue and he knows it but that’s not going to keep him from throwing red meat every now and then over the next 137 joyous days to his rabid base.   It is called Latino baiting if you ask me.  Show us the sanctuary cities, Dude!

Jackie Robinson of course won the first Rookie of the Year Award back in 1947.

Bits from a ‘Stros press release yesterday:

Astros Minor League Pitcher of the Year Jordan Lyles (RHP) and Minor League Player of the Year J.D. Martinez (OF) are among 10 players added to the list of non-roster invitees to Spring Training, General Manager Ed Wade announced today.

The Astros have now invited 22 non-roster players overall to Spring Training, which is scheduled to begin on February 16 for pitchers and catchers and February 20 for position players. The Astros will once again hold Spring Training camp at the Osceola County Stadium complex in Kissimmee, FL, where they have been since 1985.

In addition to Lyles and Martinez, Wade announced today that the following players have also received invitations to camp: left-handed pitcher Patrick Urckfitz; catcher Rene Garcia; infielders Koby Clemens and Jiovanni Mier; outfielders Jon Gaston, Drew Locke, J.B. Shuck and T.J. Steele.

Since Koby Clemens will be at Spring Training, expect The Rocket to show up and be a distraction.


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