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Leave it up to Guv Dude to throw the hounds off of the budget scent and declare doing away with sanctuary cities as a legislative emergency on the first day of the legislative session.  If at first you don’t succeed, blame it on the Pedros.

Here is what fell out of Dude’s piehole yesterday:

Next, we must abolish sanctuary city rules and free up our peace officers to do their job keeping our families and neighborhoods safe.

Immigration laws and their enforcement are the responsibility of the federal government we cannot compound their failure by preventing Texas peace officers from doing their jobs.

We must empower officers to apply their training, experience and judgment to enforcing the laws by keeping municipalities from tying their hands.

Screw fixing the budget.  Let’s do away with sanctuary cities proclaimed Guv Dude.  Commentary did a little checking to find out who are the sanctuary cities in the Lone Star State and I ran across the Sanctuary Cities Resource Site and the following are on the list.  A badge of honor if you ask me:

Austin, Baytown, Brownsville, Channelview, Denton, Dallas, El Cenizo, Ft. Worth, H-Town, Katy, Laredo, League City, McAllen, Port Arthur, and San Antonio.

So what does Dude have in store for us?  Is he going to send in the Texas Rangers and haul all of us off and stuff us into JerryWorld and make us go through some sort of indoctrination sessions? Is he going to pick on us and raise our sales taxes to help plug the budget hole?  Is he going to outlaw restaurants in our communities?  Is he going to quarantine us and restrict us from traveling to other parts of the state?   Is he going to cut off our highway, public education, and higher education funds?  Is he going to make us listen to the audio version of his book?  Is he going to impose regional marshal law here and name Riddle-Me-This as our Provisional Leader?  Is he going to jam our airwaves where here in H-Town we will only be able to watch Fox News and listen to KTRH and KSEV radio?

Hey Dude, you just spent the last 12 months whining about the federal government imposing its will on state government.  The same applies here.  Why don’t you just let the cities run themselves and get off their backs on how they handle their own business?  You’ve been watching way too many old westerns.  We’re not some sort of Hole-In-The-Wall hideaway where paperless folks come in and are kept in our basements until the ICEman moves on to the next community.

Who holds the career records for most Gold Glove Awards won?

Stoking up anti-Latino fervor is an old stand-by weapon that is used by Dude and the GOP on a regular basis.  It gets their base to start salivating.  When the details of the 2010 census are released next month and it show tremendous Latino population growth across the board, Dude’s team will get some rabid supporter to spew out crap along the lines that paperless folks make up the population increase and so there is no need to increase health care and education funding.  This will be an attempt to get folks to take their eye off of the ball, err budget debate.  Since we can’t count on the impotent Texas Democratic Party to be effective in this debate, it is going to be up to the Lone Star State’s Latino leaders and organizations to hold Dude’s feet to the fire, or rather fight fire with fire.

NL pitcher Greg Maddux of course has won 18 Gold Glove Awards.

Speaking of, the Chron’s Columnist is now calling Dude “Governor Sunshine.” 

You know Dude’s arrogant when he referred to the legislative session as “140 joyous days” – huh!

On the first day of session, my true Dude gave to me……

This is what Numero 45 has to say on the ‘Stros website today:

"I’ve been working out since December, so I’m in good shape and mentally ready to go.  I’ve got a lot to prove to myself. I know I’m way better than the season I had last year and I know I’m still capable of doing a lot. I’m looking at the 2011 season to come out and prove to everybody I’m still a good player."


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