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Commentary tries to make it a point to watch H-Town City Council meetings on the tube and The Mayor’s press availability afterwards.  This past Wednesday a reporter asked The Mayor about Paul Bettencourt being mentioned as a possible mayoral candidate, err opponent this November.  The Mayor’s instinctive response was a loud you-gotta-be-kidding-me laugh.  In other words, she didn’t take it seriously – classic. 

Soon to be former State Rep. Ellen Cohen says she might be interested in running for H-Town City Council in District C, maybe.  Of course, we’re going to have to go through city council district redistricting this year to see what the districts will look like.

Jeff Bagwell ranks #27 in all-time career bases-on-balls (walks) with 1,401.  Name the only two active MLBers that rank ahead of Baggy?

The President has him a new Chief-of-Staff and some pundits claim the left isn’t too happy –huh!  The name Daley is as Democrat as you can get.  Bill Daley served under Bill Clinton.  He was Chair of the Gore-Lieberman campaign.  He is A-Okay with me and last I heard, nobody has snatched away my liberal cred.

Katie Couric is 54 today.  Happy Birthday Katie who never needs touching up!

Fundraising for H-Town city races begins in 24 days.  It will be interesting to see those candidates that want to run in the soon-to-be-vacant seats like Districts B and C and the soon-to-be-created districts J and K posture and solicit funds and support since they really won’t know what the districts will look like until maybe March or April. Stay tuned!

Jim Thome (Twins last season, now free agent) of course is #9 all-time with 1,679 bases-on balls and Chipper Jones (Braves) of course is #25 all-time with 1,404 bases-on-balls.

It’s a good thing the ‘Stros signed some infielders a few weeks ago as Jeff Keppinger will undergo surgery and will be out a few months. 



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