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Yesterday, there was a back and forth in cyberspace about the leadership over at the Harris County Democratic Party.  Hey, look at it this way, at least we didn’t get the kind of coverage that the Bexar County Democratic Party got in today’s SA Express News.  Check out the first line of today’s story:

An attempt to reorganize the beleaguered Bexar County Democratic Party collapsed in chaos Tuesday night.  Check out the full story here.

At least we can agree to keep our disagreements civil. 

Some of the folks that responded yesterday about things here in Harris County said that there was probably nothing we could have done to overcome the national mood and tide or tsunami that hit us this past November.   I’m probably not going to disagree with this other than to say that we could have done a lot better in engaging the Latino vote and increasing Latino voter participation.

Meanwhile, the anonymous  www.newchairnow.com  still remains anonymous. 

The GOP takes over the U.S. House today.  Now they get to put up or shut up. 

How many left-handed pitchers since 1900 have won 350 or more games?

I was checking out the Chicago mayoral race coverage and found out that former Chron political writer Kristen Mack is covering the mayor’s race for the Chicago Tribune.  How about that?  That’s pretty cool.

In reading local and national coverage leading up to today’s MLB Hall of Fame announcements, I don’t think it looks too good for Jeff Bagwell to get in on the first ballot – drats!  If he does make it, look for an SRO crowd tonight over at Astroline at Buffalo Wild Wings in Midtown.

Hall of Famer and Braves great Warren Spahn of course is the only lefty to ever win more than 350 games with 363.

If Bagwell had been a Dodger, Yankee, or Red Sox, he’d be a shoo-in today. 


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