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Right after the shellacking, err election, CEWDEM called for the Harris County Democratic Party leadership to turn in their gavels.  They haven’t.

Yesterday, CEDWDEM forwarded an email from an anonymous group asking Dems to sign a petition calling for the Party leadership to step down.  Of course nobody has stepped forward to claim they are behind or part of www.NewChairNow.com.  Folks better be careful about what they wish for. 

Don’t think for a second that if my pal Gerry Birnberg stepped down as Party Chair, there would be an orderly, open, and transparent process to find a replacement.  Instead a couple of the big money folks, a few elected officials, another consultant or two, and other self appointed leaders would pick someone behind closed doors that would do their bidding and shove it down  our throats.  The thought that the Harris County Democratic Party Executive Committee would pick the replacement in a fully Democratic process down at the Jury Assembly Room is pure fantasy.

It is no secret that I’m not a big fan of the local Dem Party’s get-out-the-vote apparatus.  I’m certainly not a fan of the Party’s effort to engage Latino voters.   If someone wants to challenge the current Party leadership, they have over a year to campaign.  Think about it, we could have a 14 month spirited debate on how to move the Dem Party forward.  We could talk about strategies for turning out our base including Latino voters.  I’d like to hear a debate on the need for competing PAC entities here in Harris County and how they hinder or help the Harris County Democratic Party.   I’d also like to hear candidates for Chair talk about how they would deal with the Coalition of the Willing, errr Coalition of Harris County Democratic Elected Officials.

If someone wants somebody else to lead the Harris County Democratic Party, put up your candidacy or candidates and let’s get the debate going.    Don’t leave it up to the so called insiders to do the picking.   Whoever they pick won’t be interested in what you or I have to say.

In the 1996 MLB Amateur Player Draft, the ‘Stros picked this fella in the 30th Round (the 894th overall pick) out of Leland High School in San Jose, California.  He didn’t sign with the ‘Stros and instead accepted a scholarship to play baseball at Arizona State University.  In 1998, his brother was drafted in the 7th Round of the NFL Draft going as the 226th player out of 241 chosen in the draft.   Name the brothers? 

I’m OK with the Texans’ head coach having his contract written up in today’s Chron:  It is the playoffs in 2011 or you’re out pure and simple. 

From Alysons’s Footnote:

Congratulations to (‘Stros) relief pitcher Wilton Lopez, who was selected by the Nicaraguan Sports Writers Association as the Professional Athlete of 2010. He was chosen ahead of athletes such as world boxing champion Roman ‘Chocolatito’ Gonzalez and pitcher Vicente Padilla.

Lopez …..will be honored at an awards dinner on Feb. 5 at the Holiday Inn hotel in Managua.

The banquet will be attended by the President of the Republic. Also expected to attend is the most successful Nicaraguan-born player in big league history, former pitcher Dennis Martinez, who played 23 years in the Majors.

Incidentally, Lopez is only one of eight players from Nicaragua to ever have appeared in a Major League game. Padilla and shortstop Everth Cabrera (Padres) are the only other active Nicaraguans in the Majors.

Kevin Tillman of course was drafted by the ‘Stros in 1996 and Pat Tillman of course was a 7th Round draft pick by the Arizona Cardinals in 1998. Kevin and Pat Tillman were both serving in the Second Platoon, Alpha Company, Second Battalion, Seventy-fifth Ranger Regiment on April 22, 2004 in Khost Province, Afghanistan when Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire.

We will find out tomorrow if Baggy make the Hall of Fame.

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