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My old pal Everyone Knew Her as Nancy is back on the net with her takes.  She kind of took a break during the 2010 general election.  You can check out what is on her mind at   www.NancySims.com   There is certainly a lot on the menu to munch on these days so stay tuned.

Check out an interesting piece in the Texas Observer from a couple of weeks ago on the recent election and about  Dems chasing elusive (err, Anglo conservative) voters.

The last couple of sentences of the piece sum things up if you ask me:

If Texas is going to have real two-party competition, Texas Democrats will have to stop keying their campaigns to a diminishing demographic that holds them in suspicion. Instead, the party has to find a message, and an organizing method, that makes more non-voters believe that by going to the polls and voting Democratic, they’ll be improving their lives. Maybe most of all, Texas Democrats need to remember something their Republican counterparts learned long ago: The only thing worse than standing for something unpopular is standing for nothing at all.

You can say that again.

What letter begins the last name of more members of the MLB 500-home run club than any other?

Kuffer is the first to preview the 2011 local elections in the City of H-Town, HISD, and HCC.   Check it out what he says today.  Of course a lot is probably going to change between now and the filing deadline due to the fact that budget cuts are likely to create a bit of an uncertain political climate. 

Two local sports questions will be answered this week.  Will Baggy make it into the Hall of Fame?  Who will coach the Texans next season? 

Six members of the 500-dinger club have surnames beginning with M of course:  Willie Mays (660), Mark McGwire (583), Mickey Mantle (536), Willie McCovey (521), Eddie Mathews (512), and Eddie Murray (504).

If Baggy makes it into the Hall of Fame will he be inducted wearing the blue lid with the orange star, the blue lid with the gold star, or the brick red lid?  We will find out this Wednesday afternoon. 


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