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There is a farewell story in today’s Chron about Harris County Clerk Beverly Kaufman who is retiring today.   Check it out.   I always liked her and got along well with her.  Her office always cooperated with me when I had a question.  One of her best moves was bringing on Hector DeLeon who helped her communicate with a lot of us.  Good luck Beverly Kaufman.

Speaking of, whatever happened to the idea of creating a Harris County Elections Administrator?  Is that off the table?  Maybe we will find out in 2011.

CEWDEM sent out a piece yesterday on forward strategies for Lone Star State Dems.  I laud most folks that put forward ideas for Dems moving forward.  I just don’t want the folks that have been running the Lone Star State Dem Party to be in charge of implementing the new strategies.

The local Dem Party has a gathering next Saturday to talk about 2012.   I’m sure all the folks that got elected in 2008 will be there.  Before they plunk down some dough, I hope they ask if engaging the Latino vote is the priority numero uno for 2012. 

My only prediction for 2011 is that burkablog will be the place to go for the first five months to get the latest scoop on what the GOP is doing to the Lone Star State.  Burkablog will probably be the busiest person in Austin.

2010 in the MLB will be known as “The Year of the Pitcher” and why not.  There were six no-nos tosses including one in the post season and two perfect games.  Who tossed the 2010 no-nos?

The Chron’s Sports section is proclaiming today that the Texans’ head coach will return and Bum Phillips’ son will be the new defensive coordinator.  The Chron is not going to look too good if that ends up not being the case.

GOPer Jack Mormon will be sworn in tomorrow as the new Harris County Commissioner for Precinct 2.  I wonder if any Dem elected officials will show up.  I don’t have a problem with that since they are going to have to work with him over the next four years.

Roy Halladay of the Phillies of course pitched a no-no in the NLDS against the Reds and a perfect game against the Fish.  Ubaldo Jimenez of the Rockies of course pitched a no-no against The ATL.  Dallas Braden of the A’s of course tossed a perfect game against the Rays.  Edwin Jackson of the D-Backs of course pitched a no-no against the Rays and Matt Jackson of the Rays of course pitched a no-no against the Tigers. 

About the only news from The Yard is the new scoreboard is starting to go up.

Have a Happy 2011!


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