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My pal Bill King has a piece in today’s Chron advising the GOP to move toward the middle.  Here is what Bill says:

“Many pundits over the years have likened politics to driving a car. The farther you steer to the right or the left, the more likely you are to end up in the ditch.”

Here is Bill’s piece.

Bill says this to GOPers:

Here is my two-point, year-end memo to Republicans. First, independents did not give you this landslide victory because they like you. They just happened to have disliked Democrats more this time around. Second, electoral success is about the politics of addition, not subtraction. If Republicans continue to pander to their base by pursuing policies opposed by a large majority of the American voters, they will drive the vast middle of the country back, albeit reluctantly, into the arms of the Democratic Party. That is, assuming they continue to have no other alternative.”

I know that my pal Bill gets under the skin of a lot of Dems but he does make a whole lot of sense on this one today.  That’s why the GOP is going to blow him off and say no thanks.  They have to pander to their base because their base made the most noise in 2010.

Sanford Braun was born was born 75 years ago today and had a superb MLB career and was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1972.  Of course his baseball card had a different name on it so who am I talking about?

The most notable local sports story these days is who is going to coach the Texans next season.  Luv Ya Blue’s Bum Phillips and Dan Pastorini made it to Reliant yesterday to lobby for the current head coach.  Bum also wants his son to coach the defense.  I like the current coach.  I like that he doesn’t duck responsibility.  I say give him another one-year-or-else season. 

As we near the end of 2010, folks are coming out with their 2010 lists like best flicks, best tunes, top news stories, top sports stories, best political ads and even best words used like “austerity”, “refudiate”, “spillcam”, and “shellacking” – huh!  My 2010 favorite words are DREAMERS and vuvuzela.

Sanford Braun became Sandy Koufax of course and the rest is baseball history.  Happy Birthday Sandy Koufax!

Speaking of, “The Today Show” co-hosts Matt Lauer (53) and Meredith Viera (57) are celebrating BDs today.  Tiger is 35 today.  LeBron is 26 today.

My Brown Eyed Girl also gave me a cool ‘Stros shirt from the Dome Days that I plan on wearing on Opening Day – weather permitting.


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