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Chron.com handed out their 2010 U.S. of A.’s Top Ten Political Ads and Guv Dude’s campaign snagged one of the top spots for an ad they trotted out during the GOP primary.   Check out the ads here.

The Dallas Morning News also named Dude the 2010 Texan of the Year for the electoral arse whupping he put on folks this past year, for mooning the E-Boards across the state, and for going back on his word and not debating the Former H-Town Mayor. 

I wonder what kind of rating the DMN will give Dude after the upcoming legislative session.

Speaking of secession, 165 years ago today, Texas became the 28th state.  I wonder if Dude has any special plans to commemorate the date.

Are we a nation of wusses?  That’s what Dem Governor Ed Rendell of PA thinks after the NFL decided to postpone Sunday night’s Vikings-Eagle game in Philly because of blizzard conditions.  That’s bold talk from a fella that is leaving office in the next few days. 

A week from today we will know if Jeff Bagwell makes it into the Hall of Fame.  How many times did Bagwell make the NL All-Star Team and when was the last time he was an All-Star?

The baseball guru Bill James wrote back in 2001 that Jeff Bagwell was the fourth best first baseman of all time behind Lou Gehrig, Jimmie Fox, and Mark McGwire.  I wonder how the rankings would look today if you threw in Albert Pujols? 

Bagwell made the NL All-Star team four times during his career of course and the 1999 game at Fenway was the last time he made it. 

Bagwell was in the starting line-up in 1999 as the DH and he went one for three and that is about all I have from The Yard.


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