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Soon to be GOP Harris County Commissioner Jack Mormon has named my old pal Dave Walden as his Chief-of-Staff.  That’s a very smart move.   Dave has one of the best political minds around.  He knows how local governments work.  He is well connected to both GOPers and Dems.  He will be a valuable asset to Mormon.  Check out the Chron.com story here.

I’ve mentioned this before.  Dave Walden is one of the few folks around these parts that recognizes the value and potential of the local Latino vote.  Dave and I worked closely on Bob Lanier’s mayoral campaign back in 1991.  Dave was a huge advocate of investing heavily in Latino voter outreach during that campaign.  We produced Spanish language TV and radio ads and purchased a lot of air time.   We ended up with a good turnout and big vote margins in Latino precincts that contributed to Lanier’s run-off victory.

So now Dave will be Chief-of-Staff in a Commissioner’s precinct that has a whole lot of Latino voters – interesting.

What pitcher has won and lost more games than any other pitcher in World Serious history?

In today’s Chron, the Chron’s E-Board also thanked the Lone Star State’s Latinos for giving the state four more congressional districts.  Check it out.

I forgot to mention that My Brown Eyed Girl also gave me a cool framed limited edition photo of B-G-O commemorating his 3,000 hit.

Hall of Famer and Yankee great Whitey Ford of course won 10 and lost 8 during 11 World Seriouses he played in from 1950 through 1964.

About the only good thing about facing Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Cliff Lee in the first three games of the season is the national exposure the ‘Stros will receive. 


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