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The Chron’s Columnist had a piece yesterday on the Harris County GOP Commissioner that was indicted last week.  Check it out.  All I’m going to say is would the friend$hip be valuable if the fella was not a Commissioner? I don’t think so.

Who led the NL with 61 stolen bases in 2009 and 52 stolen bases in 2010?

Commentary and My Brown Eyed Girl went to see “The Fighter” yesterday.  It is definitely a must see flick.  Christian Bale is outstanding and Oscar worthy.  You gotta check it out!

“You’re out of the woods, you’re out of the dark, you’re out of the night.  Step into the sun, step into the light.”  Optimistic Voices if you ask me as My Brown Eyed Girl gave me a very cool “Wizard of Oz” Emerald City box.  She also came through with a John Lennon book and a “Yellow Submarine” mug to make sure I got Beatles gear again for Christmas.

She also gave me cool Christmas tree ornaments – a peanut, hot dog, and beer-in-a-mug – baseball of course.

I also got a cool U.S. Capitol shot glass from MariGirl.

I’m not going to say anything about the Texans.

If you get a gift card, use it ASAP.  I waited a while to use one and it didn’t work. 

Michael Bourn of the ‘Stros of course is a threat every time he gets on base and he is celebrating his 28th BD today! 

Check out why MLB.com’s Peter Gammons thinks Jeff Bagwell should be voted in to the MLB Hall of Fame next week.

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