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The Chron has been running daily articles on their Goodfellows program where they take donations so they can get gifts for folks in need.   I wonder if they will do a story tomorrow on the local Democrats not having very many gifts under their tree.

Somebody finally slapped down Guv Dude.  Way to go to the The President’s Administration for having the EPA snatch from TCEQ some air quality permitting responsibilities.  Hey, it’s the Feds against Dude and that’s the way Dude wants it so I hope our local Dem members of Congress don’t step in and try to broker a deal.  Stay tuned!

On Sunday, September 28, 2008, the Florida Marlins played the New York Mets in the last game ever at Shea Stadium.  Who threw the final pitch of the game?

Meanwhile, GOP congressional leaders are saying that border security trumps The DREAMERS.  I think somebody needs to ask the GOPers how they define “border security” because The Administration has poured in a lot of resources the last couple of years. 

Matt Lindstrom (a Marlin at the time) of course pitched the final out on September 28, 2008 at Shea Stadium as the Fish knocked off the Mets 4-2.  Yesterday the ‘’Stros traded away Lindstrom so I hope closer Brandon Lyon has a good year.

Merry Christmas!



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