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Just when things were slowing down in these parts, GOP Harris County Commissioner Jerry Eversole got himself indicted by the feds.  Here’s what Rusty Hardin (his attorney) had to say:

"It is not against the law to be friends."
Check here to see what the feds say this friendship was worth.

Here was from a story on the indictment yesterday:

First Assistant County Attorney Terry O’Rourke said Eversole is in federal custody awaiting his hearing. “He’s in the hands of the United States government,” O’Rourke said. He also said he asked federal authorities to spare Eversole a “perp walk” through the front door of the courtroom to preserve “the dignity of the office” and that the federal government was honoring the request.

I think it is kind of an odd thing to say if you ask me.

Channel 13’s Wayne Dolcefino must have been feeling pretty good yesterday since he’s been dogging Eversole for the past few years.

At the H-Town City Council meeting this morning, the Mayor will be laying out what she has in store for Rebuild Houston which is the product of Prop 1 which was created by Renew Houston. 

This MLB Hall of Fame pitcher picked off 144 base runners in his career and holds the record for most pick offs.  Who am I talking about?

I wonder if the GOP leaders up in Austin will let Latinos lend a hand in the drawing of congressional seats next year.  After all, we are a big reason why the Lone Star State is getting 4 new congressional seats.

Hall of Fame pitcher Steve Carlton of course also set a number of career pitching milestones and is celebrating his 66th BD today.

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