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Census 2010 will be released today and of course the Latino numbers will be a leading story here in the Lone Star State and the Greater H-Town area.  I remember back in the ‘80s when Coors Beer decided to label the ‘80s the decade of the Hispanics (that was before folks were using the term Latino).  It will be interesting to see who gets contacted today by the state and local media and how Latinos spin the numbers relative to political power.  I’m sure all the national Latino organizations will bombard my inbox with all sorts of takes.  Stay tuned!

This former MLBer had 442 career dingers and ranks 35th on the all time career dinger list.  He struck out 1,816 times and ranks 10th on the all time strikeout list.  His career batting average was a measly .236 and he’s not in the MLB Hall of Fame.  Who am I talking about?

There is an AP story on Chron.com today on redistricting.  Here’s from the piece:

A heavy influx of new residents, many of whom are Hispanics, has Texas poised to gain more congressional seats than any other state, and Tuesday’s announcement of the exact number begins what figures to be a politically divisive process on how to divvy them up.

There is also this:

Republicans can be expected to target the only two districts still represented by white Democrats for those new minority seats — Rep. Lloyd Doggett of Austin and Rep. Gene Green of Houston, said Nathaniel Persily, a political science professor and redistricting expert at Columbia Law School.

Check out the AP story here.

It will be interesting to see how the GOP proceeds to carve up the Lone Star State.

Dave “Sky King” Kingman of course also won the NL dinger titles in 1979 and 1982 and is celebrating his 62nd BD today.

Go check out Alyson’s Footnotes to read why the ‘Stros signed this Bill Hall fella.  Alyson also gives us her takes on Jeff Bagwell and the Hall of Fame vote which will be announced in a couple of weeks.     Check it out.


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