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The Chron’s Bradley Olson penned a front page story yesterday on a looming fiscal crisis over at H-Town City Hall.  It is about the three pension systems. 
Check out the story.

Of course, my pal Bill King has been talking about this for a couple of years now and folks have treated him like the boy crying wolf. 

Here is how Bradley opens the piece:

Instability in its three pension systems is the greatest threat to Houston’s financial solvency, city officials and financial analysts say.

Here is what a financial observer had to say:

“The bottom line is the whole system is completely unsustainable with current benefit levels and the city’s financial position.”

Here is what the H-Town Mayor says:

“Voters elected me to make tough choices, and voters elected me to get the city’s budget in order. We are hemorrhaging right now … in some of our pension costs. … There’s a difference between a fair pension and a gold-plated pension, and the citizens of Houston have to know that we can find a fair balance in there.”

Here is what the pension representative said:

“The urgency the city has is all politically driven.”

Huh!  They need better talking points than that.

This MLB Hall of Famer had 3,007 career base hits, 399 career dingers, 1,583 career RBIs, and in his only World Serious he hit .379, with 2 dingers, and 8 RBIs but still wasn’t named World Serious MVP.    Who am I talking about?  Bonus:  Who beat him out for World Serious MVP?

Speaking of, last night’s “60 Minutes” included a segment on the country’s next fiscal crisis.  You guessed it – funding public employee pensions.

“60 Minutes” also had a segment called “Endless Memories.”  It is about a very few folks including actress Marilu Henner that can recall every day of their past.  I don’t know about that.  I don’t think I want to recall a whole lot of heart breaking ‘Stros losses or Luv Ya Blue losses.

Speaking of, it’s official.  No NFL playoffs for H-Town this year.

Commentary dropped by McLovin’s graduation party yesterday.  Congrats go to Brad Wray!

All I can say about The DREAM Act is maybe this will get Latinos here in the Lone Star State stirred up.  Maybe this will get us to go vote in 2012 and contribute to knocking off some GOPers and make a statement.  That has to be our mission.

The 2010 Census will be announced tomorrow and it looks like red states got redder.

Hall of Famer and Tiger great Al Kaline of course made his only World Serious appearance in 1968 as the Tigers beat San Luis in seven games.  Tiger pitcher Mickey Lolich was named World Serious MVP for pitching and winning three complete games over San Luis.  Al Kaline celebrated his 76th BD yesterday and an Al Kaline autographed baseball sits in Commentary’s office.

Things just got a little bit more difficult in the NL Central as the Brewers picked up via trade 2009 AL Cy Young Award winner Zack Greinke – yikes! 


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