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Commentary definitely underestimated the hurt Guv Dude put on Hutch this past March.  She is not thinking clearly.   I don’t think she knows she only has two years left in the U.S. Senate. The Texas Tea Party bunch have declared war on her and said their number one goal in the Lone Star State in 2012 is to take her arse down.  She can’t do anything that will change their minds.  The Tea Party bunch have her so freaked out that she won’t do the right thing and cast a yes vote for The DREAM Act today or tomorrow. 

Kuffer has this to say about the recent Port Commission vote:

Ms. (Janiece) Longoria, who was re-appointed by Council against the Mayor’s preferences, is the sole Hispanic on the Commission. The other City of Houston appointee, Kase Lawal, is the sole African-American, and is the other City of Houston appointee. The other four, plus the Chair – four white guys and Elyse Lanier – were appointed by Commissioners Court, the Harris County Mayors & Councils Association, and the city of Pasadena. In other words, the City of Houston is 100% responsible for the diversity on this governing body. Call me crazy, but I don’t see why this should be the case.

Ok, you’re crazy!  Wow, imagine the City of H-Town responsible for 100% of the diversity on the Port Commission.  Tell CM James Rodriguez where to go pick up that badge of honor on behalf of the City!

At the MLB Winter Meetings yesterday, MLB honored four skippers that just hung up their line-up cards:  Bobby Cox (The ATL), Cito Gaston (Blue Jays), Lou Pinella (Cubbies), and Joe Torre (Dodgers but really with the Yankees).   How many are in the Top Ten in career managerial wins?

I really don’t know what to make of a Latino contractor suing an HISD Trustee and HISD for rigging the bidding process on a contract.  
Check out the Chron story.   In reading the piece, it looks like the former superintendent might have something to say on this at a later and more formal date and even do a little payback.  Stay tuned!

Memo to the Chron!  Can you bring down the scoreboard and Dude’s mug on Political page?  It has been over a month now.

Bobby Cox of course is #4 with 2,504 career Ws and Joe Torre of course is #5 with 2,326 career Ws.  Lou Pinella with 1,835 Ws is at #14.  Cito Gaston with 894 Ws doesn’t crack the Top 50.  Gaston though guided the Jays to 2 World Seriouses, Cox guided The ATL to 1, Torre guided the Yankees to 4, and Pinella guided the Reds to 1.

It looks like the ‘Stros are looking to get a better stick at second base and that’s all I have from The Yard.

Thirty years ago today while sitting in my living room watching Monday Night Football (Patriots at Dolphins), Howard Cosell delivered the devastating news about John Lennon’s death.  I was alone and just sat there stunned flipping the channels and turning the radio dial trying to find out the details.  It was one of those events that I will never forget where I was and how I felt.


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