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CEWDEM stirred things up a bit by putting out photos of newly reappointed Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria’s victory reception, blah, blah, blah, blah. 

On a related note, preliminary discussions are underway to get key H-Town Latino leaders better organized and united on matters like the Port Commission for next year’s city elections.  Candidates seeking Latino support will be closely scrutinized to see if they will support the Latino community on maintaining representation on major boards and commissions like the Port.  The preliminary plan is to see a more aggressive Latino community.   A few key Latino leaders have mentioned that Latinos didn’t push back hard enough or punched back on the latest assault on our politics.  Stay tuned!

Speaking of, the H-Town Mayor had a shakeup of her staff.  Her finance director is out.  Her deputy chief of staff is headed back to the campaign.  

Here’s from Chris Moran of the Chron on the naming rights for the Downtown Soccer Stadium:

The Dynamo controls the naming rights to the soccer stadium they’ll build for $76 million per a deal approved Thursday by the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority. But with those rights come responsibilities:

* The team cannot name the stadium without Sports Authority approval if the name "would reasonably cause embarrassment or disparagement to the Sports Authority, the City or Harris County (including names containing racial epithets, barbarisms, obscenities or profanity, names relating to any sexually oriented business or names containing overt political reference)."

* Other naming no-nos: Any business name connected to gambling or firearms.

* Texas first: The stadium’s name may not mention Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, Arizona or Mississippi.

* Still more verboten terms: Any Texas county name other than Harris, or any city of more than 200,000 people within 700 miles of Houston (whether that city is in Texas or another state).

Speaking of naming rights, of the Top 10 Fortune 500 Companies, how many have their name slapped on a Major League Baseball Stadium?

The U.S. of A. got the old snub in the bid to get the World Cup.  What else is new!

I wonder if the local Dem Party purifiers will give the once over to the Dems pictured at my good friend Janiece Longoria’s reception.

Commentary will drop in on Nene’s and Steve’s Holiday Party tomorrow night at Hotel ZaZa and mingle with H-Town’s key players.

Only one  of course as AT&T comes in at number 7 on the Fortune 500 list and AT&T Park is home to the World Serious Champs San Francisco Giants. 

Alyson’s Footnotes has a good take on why Jeff Bagwell should be selected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in early January.  Check it out.   That’s all I have from The Yard.


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