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They threw everything at Judith Cruz, candidate for HISD Trustee District VIII.  Some of the folks helping the opposition or on the other side are buddies of mine.   I respect them, but come on!  They strongly hinted that she was not a Latina.  On their last mailer they referred to her as Judith Jacob Cruz.  They said she was out of touch even though her teaching career has been in the most challenging environments here in H-Town and in Washington, D.C. and she is a parent with her little boy attending their neighborhood school.  Then they said she was a Republican even though her voting history that anyone can access says she is a Democrat.  

 The opposition knows better but they figure they needed to throw the kitchen sink at Judith.  Well, let’s settle this today!

 At the 1989 MLB All Star Game played in Anaheim, California, who led off the bottom of the first inning for the AL and slammed a 448 foot dinger in his first ever All Star at-bat?

 Jeff Bagwell is on this year’s Baseball Hall of Fame ballot.  I wonder if his opposition will say that he is out of touch and isn’t a White dude.

 Bo Jackson of course of the KC Royals in his first ever All Star at-bat had a dinger and was also named the 1989 All Star Game’s MVP.  Bo Jackson is celebrating his 48th BD today.

 The ‘Stros are in talks with Wandy over a multi-year deal and at least that’s something from The Yard.

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