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Commentary won’t be saying anything today about the HISD Trustee District VIII run-off other than to say that today at 7 p.m. is the deadline for Early Voting.  You can go to Austin High, Furr High, Gregory-Lincoln Education Center, or West Gray.

Other than the HISD Trustee District VIII run-off and the state legislative race out in the Seguin area, the only political decision of interest remaining is in the hands of a Travis County jury – yikes!

Which state has produced the most MLBers from 1871 to the present?

In an oddity of sorts, tomorrow’s NLF matchups include the 8-2 Patriots at the 2-8 Lions, the 7-3 Saints at the 3-7 Cowboys, and the 2-8 Bengals at the 8-2 Jets – cool.

California of course has produced 1,828 MLBers out of a total of 16,640 that have gone to the Big Show.

Commentary is not a big fan of all this reality stuff on TV.    So I’m not going to comment on the political ramifications of last night’s “Dancing with the Stars” decision. 

I’ll be enjoying Thanksgiving Day tomorrow with dinner with family like Dante, Luke, Rachel, and all the others so I won’t be able to have a Commentary tomorrow.  I truly hope you understand.  I’ll see you Friday.

Preparations for tomorrow’s Downtown Thanksgiving Day Parade are all I have to report from The Yard. 


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