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From Judith Cruz, HISD Trustee District VIII Candidate:

Much has been made recently about my alleged opposition to "nutritional breakfasts" for HISD students.  I want to take a couple minutes to set the record straight.

First, I’m an HISD parent.  I send my eldest child to my local HISD school in the Eastwood community.  The school is predominately low-income and predominately Latino.  Second, I’ve spent all of my professional career teaching some of our nation’s poorest students.  I know what I’m talking about, but I don’t need to talk.  Others can speak on behalf of this issue.

Here’s who agrees with me on the problems with HISD’s "Breakfast in the Classroom":

(1) Teachers:  Most teachers want to spend their time teaching and not serving food.  I hear it at my own child’s school; I hear it from my friends who are HISD teachers; and you can learn more about a teacher’s perspective here:  http://blogs.chron.com/schoolzone/2010/05/   (and note the picture of the muffin with melted plastic that is serving as a "nutritional meal" for our children via Breakfast in the Classroom).  (2) Parents: Parents want their kids LEARNING during the academic day.  Most parents aren’t too thrilled to have important academic time "eaten" up by meals their kids don’t want.  Check out this post.  http://www.schoolfood2010.blogspot.com/.   While I am 100% supportive of having children fed before school begins, academic time needs to be protected for the sake of our children and their education.  (3) Employee groups including the Houston Federation of TeachersDuring HISD consultation with employee groups, it was noted that the accumulated time taken up by "Breakfast in the Classroom" came to a lost 6 to 7 days of lost instructional time.  See here: http://andy-dewey.blogspot.com/2010/01/january-7-2010-consultation-minutes.html.
(4) TaxpayersJust take a look at all the pictures at the posts above of wasted food–either muffins with plastic melted into them or full milk cartons discarded by the trash cans full.  As liberal blogist Susan Ohanian wonders, is Breakfast in the Classroom for kids or is it for for-profit food service organizations?  I’ll let the readers decide.  See here: 

So, in the final analysis, who wants Breakfast in the Classroom?  The answer is my opponent and our Superintendent.  For anyone who wants a Board Member who will stand up for teachers, parents, kids, and taxpayers, I am here to be your voice.

I stand behind my statement….I’ve got a child in HISD schools and I’ve taught in the toughest teaching situations out there and I’ve yet to meet a starving child.  Those that are starving deserve the sort of attention that a simple classroom breakfast can’t even begin to provide.  They need very serious family intervention and I will stand behind making sure that happens.

What I have seen are a whole bunch of kids who are absolutely starving for academic opportunities and I will make 100% sure they get what they deserve.  Our many talented young people who are not getting the education they deserve are counting on you and me to make sure they get what they need to succeed.


Judith Cruz

Candidate, HISD Trustee District VIII

Take that!

In the race for HISD Trustee District VIII race, Judith Cruz’s opponent is letting Two Cents be her attack dog.  Now he’s accusing Judith Cruz of promoting hunger and starvation and I guess famine is coming next.  Oh brother!   This is already on top of the opposition saying Judith wants to close schools.  This is also already on top of the opposition saying Judith moved into Precinct 27 just to run.   This is also already on top of the opposition saying Judith wants to dismantle HISD.

Here’s my favorite the opposition is putting out – that Judith isn’t a Latina – huh!  That’s kind of low if you ask me since most of my conversations with Judith’s mom are in Spanish.

I guess the opposition’s only strategy is to sling mud and dirt and hope that something sticks.  Is that really the best they can do? 

Early Voting continues in the HISD Trustee District VIII Run-off.

In Game 6 of the 1975 World Serious, Red Sox catcher Carlton Fisk hit the dramatic game winning dinger in the bottom of the 12th inning against the Reds at Fenway.  Who was the starting pitcher for the Red Sox in Game 6?

Sometimes you just have to eat your words.  I remember when I was promoting getting Vince to play with the Texans.  So I’m just going to have to eat my words.  Of course, the fella we picked hasn’t really been tearing up our opponents’ backfield.  The fella the Saints picked with the number two pick hasn’t really done much either.

One of the hardest parking spaces to find tomorrow will be at the Midtown Spec’s, so make your Thanksgiving Day run today if you ask me.

Luis Tiant of course started Game 6 of the 1975 World Serious for the Red Sox but the Reds won the Serious in 7.  Luis Tiant is celebrating his 70th BD today!

My pal Drayton still owns the ‘Stros and that’s all I have from The Yard!


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