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On last week’s Port Commission deal, the blah, blah, blah, and blah continues.

Brotherly Worthiness sent out his “observations” and put some words in CM Bradford’s piehole.  CM Bradford then demanded a “retraction” and got it yesterday.

The Chron’s Columnist put out his take yesterday on the Port Commission deal with more blah, blah, blah, and blah including Brotherly Worthiness’ choice words on ribbed Trojans.  Check it out here.

Commentary’s pal, HPD’s Connie Park, made the front page of yesterday’s City State section as part of HPF’s cold case squad. Connie definitely looked all Hollywood with her windswept hair and the huge piece strapped to her hip – nice.  Connie definitely don’t need touching up.

Who was the 1957 World Serious MVP?

There is another piece in the SA Express News and Chron about the “relevancy” of Dems in the Lone Star State Legislature.  Check it out.

It looks like if the Dems stick together, they’ll get run over on a selective basis.  If they don’t stick together, they’ll get run over on everything.

Seven years ago yesterday, my old pal Ross Allyn was taken from us and they still haven’t solved the case.  I wonder if the cold case squad is working on this one.

Early Voting continues in the HISD Trustee District VIII Run-off.

Many fellas my age all know what happened 47 years ago today.  I miss watching the annual images of Teddy going to visit his brother’s gravesite and kneeling down and saying a prayer.

Once again yesterday I was at my desk thinking the Texans pulled one out and then once again I was stunned.

Lew Burdette of course was the 1957 World Serious MVP after leading his Braves to a 4 games to 3 Serious win over the Yankees.  Burdette pitched three complete games, winning all three including shutouts in Games 5 and 7.  Lew Burdette who is no longer with us was born 84 years ago today.

I drove by The Yard yesterday and it looked weird without the scoreboard and that’s all I have from The Yard.


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