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Nails!  That’s a good description for H-Town CM James Rodriguez and Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria.

A lesson was learned yesterday.  Don’t underestimate CM James Rodriguez or Port Commissioner Janiece Longoria.

There is no disputing that CM Rodriguez established his position as our community’s leader yesterday as he led the effort to protect the Latino community’s representation on the Port Commission.  CM Rodriguez was nimble, savvy, strategic, patient, mobile, unwavering, and decisive during this process.  He put it all out there for his community and in the end we won out.

Yesterday’s vote by the H-Town City Council on the Port Commission appointment and the politics leading up to the vote will be remembered as one of those local Latino political events that kind of changed things up here in H-Town.

What can I say about my good friend Janiece Longoria?  Her acceptance speech yesterday after the City Council vote will be talked about for a long time.   Here is from today’s Chron:

After the matter was settled in her favor, Longoria called out the mayor directly, questioning why Parker had promised labor leaders an appointment on the Port Commission.

"I didn’t see this coming," she said. "It did not occur to me that the Port of Houston, which is an asset of great importance to this region … would be used as a bargaining chip to repay a political favor, and I really regret that that happened. … It’s a shame that labor was used as the lever to try to unseat me."

Janiece was steady, focused, and cool.  She’s one of our leaders pure and simple.  She had a lot of c__p thrown her way and she responded in her own way.      Here’s the Chron article.

My pal the Working Man Hero sent out a message this morning questioning the “class” of Commissioner Longoria’s acceptance remarks.   Of course, yesterday, after the vote, the working man hero said this about some of the Dems on council that supported Longoria:

“Labor dislikes liars and the above who lied to us.   Labor expects loyalty for loyalty.”

I don’t know about that.  I have to go look up the definition of class.

I got to give congrats to Cin and Argentina for handling the ground game on this deal.  Their offensive line skills were downright devastating.  I also have to give congrats to Rep. Alvarado and Sen. Gallegos for doing a lot of heavy lifting on this matter.

Who holds the MLB record for career dingers as a DH?

There are some folks like Two Cents and others that are going to be critical of CM Rodriguez and Commentary and Rep. Alvarado and we are going to be labeled as “establishment Hispanics” and blah, blah, blah.  That’s OK because everybody has a right to express their opinion.   I’m going to have to disagree with Two Cents and others on this deal.

In the end, CM Rodriguez, Commissioner Longoria, Rep. Alvarado and all the others got scoreboard and scoreboard is the last thing you see when you leave the arena.

There are some folks that are determined to spin it one way or the other.  I will say this.  Every side threw everything into this deal including the kitchen sink.  In the end, as CM Rodriguez told me last night, it was about better clock management – we threw the last kitchen sink.

I want to say that I want the H-Town Mayor to succeed because if she doesn’t, then the city suffers and we suffer.  On the Port Commission deal, I disagreed with her position.

David “Big Papi” Ortiz of course has 305 career dingers as a DH.  Big Papi is celebrating his 35th BD today.

Early voting starts today in the HISD Trustee District VIII run-off.

After yesterday’s City Council vote, CM Stardig thought it would be a nice touch to scold folks for coming out and getting involved – huh!  Thanks for chewing us out for expressing our opinion.

‘Stros skipper Millsie got one second place vote for Skipper of the Year and ended up in sixth place as the award went to Bud Black of the Padres and that’s all I have from The Yard.


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