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The Judith Cruz for HISD Trustee District VIII campaign must be doing something right as more charges were leveled at her yesterday.  I’m not going to mention yesterday’s charge other than to say “you gotta be kidding.”  Judith’s campaign will be putting out some good news later today so stay tuned!

The front page of today’s Chron has a story about the City of H-Town’s budget problems now that we have to give up the red light camera revenue. 
Check out the story.

Speaking of, Kuffer did a breakdown on how Dems and GOPers voted on Prop 1 and Prop 3.  Check it out.

It looks like Dems shot the red lights down and kept Prop 1 alive.  African American voters in particular spanked the red light cameras big time – ouch.

It looks like all this adds up to furloughs and layoffs at City Hall next year.

On March 30, 2000, the ‘Stros had their inaugural game at The Yard against the Yankees.  Who was the starting pitcher for the ‘Stros that evening?

The big news on the tube this morning was the prince getting married.  I remember about 30 years when the other prince got married and he’s still the prince and it looks like the queen isn’t going anywhere soon – got it!

Dwight Gooden of course was the starting pitcher for the ‘Stros at The Yard’s inaugural game on March 30, 2000.  Dwight Gooden is celebrating his 46th BD today.

Hunter Pence was named MVP for the ‘Stros this past season and that’s all I have from The Yard.


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