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Regarding the Port Commission stuff that is going on at the H-Town City Hall, there is a lot of back and forth going on.  Of course, Commentary has a choice and other folks have choices.  I hope folks can all be friends after next Wednesday’s City Council vote and I hope we can all be civil with each other leading up to the vote.  That being said, I need to remind folks that under the law, this is a City Council appointment and not a Mayoral appointment.  On the CEWDEM party line yesterday, my pal The Working Man Hero referred to his preferred candidate as the “Mayor’s nominee.”  That’s not how it works.

This isn’t like the METRO appointments where they are nominated by the Mayor. The Port appointments by the City were set up to be City Council appointments.  Granted, the Mayor has most of the influence over at City Hall, but during this process, my pal CM Costello nominated one candidate and Mayor Pro Tem Clutterbuck nominated the other candidate because they are Council appointments.  The Mayor obviously has taken a side, but she doesn’t get to make the appointment – get it?  So in the coming days, when the back and forth continues, at least lay it out correctly.

Which MLB team has lost the second most World Seriouses?

Kuffer did a good take on the dreary state of the Latino vote.   Check it out.

Commentary has driven the debate on the Latino vote from the beginning.  Hey, maybe folks will start bringing me in to a few meetings on how to change things since I called it from the start.  Stay tuned!

The Dodgers of course have lost 12 World Seriouses but they have also won 6.

On the “Stros website there is a piece about who’s at first and who’s in left. 
Check it out.  That’s all I have from The Yard.


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